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(SF) Add Kubernetes SCC V2 options to resource's YAML configuration


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    • ACM 2.10.0
    • ACM 2.10.0
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      Value Statement

      As an ACM admin, I want to add Kubernetes Security Context Constraints (SCC) V2 options to the component's resource YAML configuration to ensure that the Pod runs with the 'readonlyrootfilesystem' and 'privileged' settings, in order to enhance the security and functionality of our application.

      Definition of Done for Engineering Story Owner (Checklist)

      • [ ] Ensure that the Pod continues to function correctly with the new SCC V2 settings.
      • [ ] Verify that the SCC V2 options are effective in limiting the Pod's privileges and restricting write access to the root filesystem.

      Development Complete

      • The code is complete.
      • Functionality is working.
      • Any required downstream Docker file changes are made.

      Tests Automated

      • [ ] Unit/function tests have been automated and incorporated into the
      • [ ] 100% automated unit/function test coverage for new or changed APIs.

      Secure Design

      • [ ] Security has been assessed and incorporated into your threat model.

      Multidisciplinary Teams Readiness

      Support Readiness

      • [ ] The must-gather script has been updated.

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