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HCP CLI should expose "pausedUntil" flag



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      Value Statement

      The HostedCluster and NodePool specs already has "pausedUntil" field.


       pausedUntil: description: 'PausedUntil is a field that can be used to pause reconciliation on a resource. Either a date can be provided in RFC3339 format or a boolean. If a date is provided: reconciliation is paused on the resource until that date. If the boolean true is provided: reconciliation is paused on the resource until the field is removed.' type: string  


      This option is currently not exposed in "hypershift create cluster" command. 


      In order to support HCP create/update automation template with ClusterCurator, users should be able to "hypershift create cluster" with the PausedUntil flag.

      Definition of Done for Engineering Story Owner (Checklist)

      • I can create a hosted cluster with "hypershift create cluster <platform> --pausedUntil true"
      • HostedCluster and NodePool CRs from this command should contain "pausedUntil" field in the spec.
      • The hosted cluster creation should be paused until the pausedUntil=true field is removed from the HostedCluster and NodePool CRs 
      • This should work for agent, kubevirt and aws platforms.

      Development Complete

      • The code is complete.
      • Functionality is working.
      • Any required downstream Docker file changes are made.

      Tests Automated

      • [ ] Unit/function tests have been automated and incorporated into the
      • [ ] 100% automated unit/function test coverage for new or changed APIs.

      Secure Design

      • [ ] Security has been assessed and incorporated into your threat model.

      Multidisciplinary Teams Readiness

      Support Readiness

      • [ ] The must-gather script has been updated.




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