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As a user, I can be able to post a resource so that I can get the status back


    • ACM Maestro 2024-10

      Value Statement

      a new feature might be that CS can post a resource to Maestro not for creation/reconciliation, but for observation and status.  CS knows this resource exists and was created by the installer. 

      Definition of Done for Engineering Story Owner (Checklist)

      Development Complete

      • The code is complete.
      • Functionality is working.
      • Any required downstream Docker file changes are made.

      Tests Automated

      • [ ] Unit/function tests have been automated and incorporated into the
      • [ ] 100% automated unit/function test coverage for new or changed APIs.

      Secure Design

      • [ ] Security has been assessed and incorporated into your threat model.

      Multidisciplinary Teams Readiness

      Support Readiness

      • [ ] The must-gather script has been updated.

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