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Document infraenv proxy and ipv6 noproxy note


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      Add example configuration for proxy fields to the infraenv and add a note saying that noProxy needs to reference individual IPs (rather than a CIDR range) for IPv6 addresses.

      Specifically I'd expect the infraEnv example to look something like this:

      apiVersion: agent-install.openshift.io/v1beta1
      kind: InfraEnv
        name: myinfraenv
        namespace: demo-worker4
          name: single-node  1
          namespace: demo-worker4 2
          name: pull-secret
          sshAuthorizedKey: <your_public_key_here> 3
            demo-nmstate-label: value 4
        proxy:       5
          httpProxy: http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@proxy.example.com:PORT
          httpsProxy: https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@proxy.example.com:PORT
          noProxy: .example.com,,
      1. ...
      2. ...
      3. ...
      4. ...
      5. Optional: You can specify proxy settings required by the host during discovery in the proxy section.
      NOTE: When provisioning with IPv6, you cannot define a CIDR address block in the noProxy settings. You must define each address separately. 

      This note was taken from the corresponding note in the OCP docs here: https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.15/installing/installing_bare_metal_ipi/ipi-install-installation-workflow.html#ipi-install-setting-proxy-settings-within-install-config_ipi-install-installation-workflow 


      The bug this works around is https://issues.redhat.com/browse/ACM-9978 


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             - [x] Add verification at the end of the task, how does the user verify success (a command to run or a result to see?): If the user required some traffic within an ipv6 network to not be proxied, but they provided a CIDR rather than individual addresses that traffic would be proxied.

      In most cases it would mean that the agent would likely not be able to register (assuming traffic from the hosts to the hub would not be proxied).
             - [x] Add link to dev story here: https://issues.redhat.com/browse/ACM-9978

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