Release Notes - JGroups - Version 4.2.5 - HTML format


  • [JGRP-2470] - JBDC_PING can face a split-brain issue when restarting a coordinator node
  • [JGRP-2474] - Messages about dropped queued message when using IpAddressUUID
  • [JGRP-2486] - FD Monitor get stuck on TrasferQueueBundler
  • [JGRP-2489] - TcpConnection.Receiver#run should use logger to handle exception rather than rely on the UncaughtExceptionHandler
  • [JGRP-2493] - RELAY does not use protocol stack supplied programmatically
  • [JGRP-2496] - Incorrect schema


  • [JGRP-2488] - VERIFY_SUSPECT: don't start a new thread for each SUSPECT event

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