Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.0.1.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-3795] - QueryInterceptor incorrectly relies on the return value of a RemoveCommand
  • [ISPN-5113] - OSGiKarafFeaturesTest.testCleanInstall fails with BundleException on Solaris and Windows
  • [ISPN-6766] - hot rod client: RemoteCache.removeClient method does not remove the listener from the list after server restart
  • [ISPN-7144] - Cross-Site Replication: inconsistent data with multiple site masters
  • [ISPN-7390] - Fix DuplicatedDomainsCdiIT
  • [ISPN-7509] - TotalOrderStateTransferInterceptor doesn't handle OutdatedTopologyException for read commands
  • [ISPN-7542] - RESTClientWithSniEncryptionIT#testAuthorizedAccessThroughSni fails on all environments
  • [ISPN-7631] - Cache.entrySet() entries don't implement Map.Entry.equals() correctly
  • [ISPN-7691] - infinispan.client.hotrod.protocol_version ignored
  • [ISPN-7697] - DefaultDataContainer.containsKey expires entry without synchronization and notification
  • [ISPN-7698] - Administration console - minor issues with removing node
  • [ISPN-7703] - ClassCastException: C cannot be cast to org.infinispan.xsite.XSiteReplicateCommand
  • [ISPN-7704] - AbstractFileLookup#lookupFileStrict should also support absolute paths
  • [ISPN-7712] - LDAP Authorization Common RoleName Mapper Case Insensitive CN extraction
  • [ISPN-7718] - Ickle full text range query fails with numbers
  • [ISPN-7724] - getAllCacheEntries with byte[] throws ClassCastException
  • [ISPN-7726] - Administration console - task execution failure does not display the cause of failure
  • [ISPN-7732] - StringBasedStoreMultinodeIT.testFetchState fails
  • [ISPN-7733] - Administration console - Incorrect data field columns used on cache nodes page
  • [ISPN-7740] - Server stats returning the wrong values
  • [ISPN-7745] - clusterwide-hit-ratio returns NAN
  • [ISPN-7746] - Administration console - reset statistics action is not wired on General Status cache page
  • [ISPN-7757] - Like operator should support named parameters
  • [ISPN-7761] - Caffeine is included in both infinispan-all and infinispan-query-all shaded jars
  • [ISPN-7783] - ClassCastException in case of configured read-through cache with some cache loader
  • [ISPN-7838] - JBoss Modules NPE in Domain mode
  • [ISPN-7844] - Cache templates with Type fail when they enable indexing
  • [ISPN-7850] - JDBC Migrator 9.x Marshaller Incorrectly Loaded


  • [ISPN-7652] - Incorrect River marshaller in server
  • [ISPN-7700] - Remove SLF4J-Api Dependencies
  • [ISPN-7759] - Shaded version of Infinispan Query Embedded should not incorporate the Elasticsearch components

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-7699] - Upgrde to protostream-4.0.0.Final


  • [ISPN-7686] - Stat getNumberOfEntries should include passivated entries
  • [ISPN-7853] - EntryWrappingInterceptor should delay extracting command metadata until it's needed

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