Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 8.1.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-5764] - Cache configuration page
  • [ISPN-5766] - View node details - page
  • [ISPN-5805] - Allow forEach consumer to have a Cache Injected

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-5838] - Cleanup uberjar packaging
  • [ISPN-5888] - Add bounded container resize to RHQ plugin
  • [ISPN-5935] - Provide an alias to 'eq' in the Query DSL
  • [ISPN-5936] - Management Console 8.1.0.Beta1


  • [ISPN-5752] - PutMapCommand notifies the modification listener for created entries
  • [ISPN-5755] - HotRod returns local statistics instead of clustered
  • [ISPN-5791] - Query DSL : Projecting a Date field multiple times will render it as string
  • [ISPN-5863] - Default metadata not merged for DecoratedCache operations
  • [ISPN-5871] - FlagsEnabledTest.testWithFlagsSemantics always fails
  • [ISPN-5872] - Projecting a boolean property in remote mode will render it as an Integer
  • [ISPN-5875] - HotRod Client does not handle failover silent when nodes are stopped if using role based authentication
  • [ISPN-5876] - Pre-commit cache invalidation creates stale cache vulnerability
  • [ISPN-5877] - PutAll requests can't use skip cache load and skip indexing flags
  • [ISPN-5880] - XSite client failover - enhance configuration validation
  • [ISPN-5882] - XSite replication - take-offline.after-failures property is ignored
  • [ISPN-5884] - ClusteredListenerReplTest.testPrimaryOwnerGoesDownAfterBackupRaisesEvent random failures
  • [ISPN-5891] - IntegrationTest.testConcurrentETagChanges always fails
  • [ISPN-5893] - ClusteredCacheConfigurationIT.testQueueFlushIntervalMemcached always fails
  • [ISPN-5899] - ContinuousQuery tests should disable expiration reaper
  • [ISPN-5902] - Stream iterator/forEach & CacheNotifier should use configured Equivalence
  • [ISPN-5911] - Compatibility when streams are used should only unwrap the final stream results
  • [ISPN-5917] - Transactions rolled back early are never removed from the transaction table
  • [ISPN-5918] - Remote transactions can be registered after cache stop and block shutdown


  • [ISPN-5790] - AuthorizationManager rework
  • [ISPN-5802] - Deprecate DataContainer API as no longer pluggable
  • [ISPN-5897] - Enhance to support compressed logs
  • [ISPN-5931] - Rename ContinuousQueryResultListener to ContinuousQueryListener

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-5886] - Upgrade server to WildFly 10.0.0.CR4
  • [ISPN-5898] - Upgrade to protostream 3.0.4.Final


  • [ISPN-5613] - Replication timeouts should show more information of the affected entries
  • [ISPN-5819] - Add global backup site ops to container
  • [ISPN-5845] - Update local cache stream to allow for full wrapping
  • [ISPN-5851] - Split global state path specification in persistent and temporary
  • [ISPN-5873] - Allow non-stored fields to be projected in DSL based queries
  • [ISPN-5896] - ClusterStreamManager segment generation should use locatePrimaryOwnerForSegment
  • [ISPN-5903] - Spring package split
  • [ISPN-5905] - Avoid creating a FilterEvalContext for non-matching subscriptions
  • [ISPN-5906] - Hide implementation details from package org.infinispan.query.continuous

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