Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.0.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [WELD-1187] - Improve error message when "Singleton is not set"

Feature Request

  • [WELD-867] - CreationalContext implementations need to be serializable
  • [WELD-923] - Error if beans other than BeanManager are injected into a portable extension
  • [WELD-1152] - Report of WELD-001443 doesn't identify depending *fields*, making diagnosis harder
  • [WELD-1153] - Interceptor Performance Improvements
  • [WELD-1241] - ConversationPropagationFilter active for non-JSF to-view-id


  • [WELD-458] - Interceptor for lifecycle callback with binding type @Target({TYPE, METHOD}) not detected as definition error
  • [WELD-1037] - IllegalStateException when redirecting from system event in JSF managed bean
  • [WELD-1038] - Invocations of message listener methods of message-driven beans are not intercepted
  • [WELD-1059] - System property based scanning tests fail in container
  • [WELD-1128] - Deploy failed when jar-path contains a plus-sign or an exclamation point
  • [WELD-1144] - Superclass of processed AnnotationType is ignored
  • [WELD-1157] - Bean creation is blocked across all threads until method annotated with @PostConstruct has finished
  • [WELD-1158] - Deadlock between SFSB Synchronization lock and Weld AbstractContext session context lock
  • [WELD-1159] - Deadlock between Weld AbstractContext session/application contexts creationLock
  • [WELD-1167] - Client proxy serialization broken in non-isolated environment
  • [WELD-1168] - pastecode example fails to deploy with WELD-001451 javax.transaction.UserTransaction cannot be injected into an enterprise bean with container-managed transactions
  • [WELD-1169] - ConcurrentBeanDeployer may trigger JVM deadlock
  • [WELD-1171] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in AnnotatedConstructorComparator
  • [WELD-1172] - Bogus DefinitionException when dealing with enums in Forge
  • [WELD-1174] - Incorrect interceptor invocation order when combining CDI interceptors with @Interceptors
  • [WELD-1178] - ConversationAwareViewHandler throws ContextNotActiveException
  • [WELD-1180] - Fix resolution rules for producers of beans that are alternatives
  • [WELD-1184] - SE Weld.getInstanceByType() ignores bindings argument
  • [WELD-1191] - Issues determining bean types
  • [WELD-1192] - NPE in Validator.validateBean() when bean annotated with @Typed
  • [WELD-1207] - It's not possible to use CDI.current().select() for beans with custom qualifiers
  • [WELD-1208] - Weld fails to start in Modular Java SE if Servlet APIs are referenced from application classes, but Servlet APIs are not made available to weld
  • [WELD-1217] - Missing resource bundle entry causes exception during logging.
  • [WELD-1218] - Can't call externalContext.redirect with a cid inside
  • [WELD-1219] - Instance usage in SE is always filtered by @Default
  • [WELD-1221] - NPE in LockStore.lock
  • [WELD-1223] - Exception thrown through decorator chain not unwrapped
  • [WELD-1224] - ErrorPageTest fails randomly
  • [WELD-1225] - Incorrect handling of overridden callback methods for lifecycle events
  • [WELD-1234] - A removed session-scoped stateful EJB renders the whole session scope unusable
  • [WELD-1236] - Deserialization fails for bean containing intercepted methods with primitive or array-typed parameters
  • [WELD-1247] - The ForwardingMethodExpression equals() implementation is incorrect
  • [WELD-1262] - ConversationPropagationFilter breaks external redirects
  • [WELD-1266] - Broken test org.jboss.weld.tests.stress.JsfStressTest, bad WAR layout
  • [WELD-1267] - Broken org.jboss.weld.tests.alternatives.accessible.AccessibleAlternativesTest, wrong assumption
  • [WELD-1268] - Wrong version in as7-installer pom


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