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Feature Request

  • [WELD-1009] - Bean in different wars should be allowed to have the same EL name


  • [WELD-571] - Interceptors not working for dependent scoped beans when using InjectionTarget
  • [WELD-975] - Programmatic lookup with @New qualifier not working
  • [WELD-991] - Incorrect check of bean type when obtaining contextual reference via BeanManager#getReference()
  • [WELD-992] - Event of type ProcessObserverMethod not fired while adding observer method via AfterBeanDiscovery
  • [WELD-993] - Cannot declare web service resource using @WebServiceRef
  • [WELD-1042] - @Initialized(ApplicationScoped.class) ServletContext events fired accross web application boundaries
  • [WELD-1045] - ProcessBeanAttributes not fired for interceptors and decorators
  • [WELD-1049] - BeanManager.createInjectionTarget() does not support interception
  • [WELD-1052] - Unproxyable bean type check too strict
  • [WELD-1054] - Parameterized bean type with actual type argument is assignable to a raw required type
  • [WELD-1060] - Any bean type with identical raw type is assignable to a parameterized required type with type variable parameter
  • [WELD-1065] - Ambiguous name validation should not cross visibility boundaries
  • [WELD-1071] - @Specialized disposer method not recognized as a definition error
  • [WELD-1078] - BeanManager#createInjectionPoint - IllegalArgumentException not thrown if there is a definition error associated with the injection point
  • [WELD-1088] - Resource definition which specifies an EL name should be definition error
  • [WELD-1090] - Dependent objects not destroyed after calling release() on CreationalContext after obtaining contextual reference via BeanManager#getReference()
  • [WELD-1094] - BeanManager#createInjectionTarget - IllegalArgumentException not thrown if there is a definition error associated with any injection point
  • [WELD-1103] - EJB using CMT demarcation with an injection point of type UserTransaction is not detected as definition error
  • [WELD-1111] - Inheritance of member-level metadata for generic types - missing substitution of actual type arguments
  • [WELD-1115] - UnserializableDependencyException with dependency on SLSB
  • [WELD-1116] - Weld 2 does not build on JDK7
  • [WELD-1117] - Disposer method check too strict
  • [WELD-1118] - ProcessInjectionPoint fired for ProxyClassConstructorInjectionPointWrapper
  • [WELD-1119] - ContainerLifecycleEventPreloader fails to start on a single core machine
  • [WELD-1121] - Passivating-scoped SFSB fails to deploy if not implementing
  • [WELD-1134] - NPE on org.jboss.weld.util.reflection.HierarchyDiscovery
  • [WELD-1138] - Interceptor bindings defined on stereotype not working for session beans
  • [WELD-1139] - Business method interceptor bindings do not include bindings declared as meta-annotations of other interceptor bindings recursively
  • [WELD-1140] - Dependent scoped instances injected into observer method parameters are not destroyed for non-dependent reciever
  • [WELD-1145] - Unsatisfied dependencies for generic type arrays
  • [WELD-1148] - Custom transactional observer not deferred for later invocation
  • [WELD-1155] - Long running producer called multiple times in the same context
  • [WELD-1166] - ProcessBean getAnnotated returns null for built-in beans


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