Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.36.0.Final - HTML format


  • [KOGITO-9042] - [Doc Review] [SW] Add support to Cloud Events to Knative custom function


  • [KOGITO-8807] - Use correct Data Index Dev Service Image in community

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-8409] - [SW] Add support to Cloud Events to Knative custom function
  • [KOGITO-8676] - Allow per channel configuration of overflow strategy
  • [KOGITO-8760] - Execute workflow without code generation
  • [KOGITO-8836] - [SW] Implement action condition
  • [KOGITO-8855] - Add a fluent layer over Serverless Workflow SDK
  • [KOGITO-8878] - Execute Java method without code generation
  • [KOGITO-8899] - Execute service method without code generation


  • [KOGITO-5784] - Images testing: Use internal Kogito Nexus to Quarkus platform artifacts
  • [KOGITO-8609] - Job Service embedded Quarkus extension


  • [KOGITO-8559] - Source addon unable to cope with larger sizes
  • [KOGITO-8578] - ProtoGenerator and MarshallerGenerator fails on arrays and collections of serializable classes
  • [KOGITO-8738] - Prepare release branch does not consider dependency project
  • [KOGITO-8796] - OutboxIT docker fails to start
  • [KOGITO-8821] - Serverless operator: Release pipeline should not update files with test information
  • [KOGITO-8823] - Missing kogito-addons-quarkus-data-index-common in kogito-bom
  • [KOGITO-8827] - Issues bumping Quarkus 2.16.4
  • [KOGITO-8828] - Conflict running workflow-devui with data-index extension
  • [KOGITO-8834] - kogito-addons-quarkus-data-index-inmemory ClassNotFoundException
  • [KOGITO-8847] - Version strategy using project version by default
  • [KOGITO-8850] - [Community tracker] - Add kubebuilder validations to the model structs
  • [KOGITO-8860] - Include relevant serverless workflow examples in the productized profile
  • [KOGITO-8867] - Remove jobs information from SWF Dev UI extension
  • [KOGITO-8869] - Cannot set a different value for the property
  • [KOGITO-8871] - SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input
  • [KOGITO-8889] - jq expression not getting analysed inside OpenAPI workitem with array


  • [KOGITO-8256] - Support Kogito Workflow with specVersion 0.8
  • [KOGITO-8525] - [KSW-Guides] Create a guide for Workflow CR devmode
  • [KOGITO-8597] - Jobs Service OpenAPI document generation addings
  • [KOGITO-8679] - Prepare quarkus 3 environment
  • [KOGITO-8737] - Provide a nightly integration branch for kogito-pipelines
  • [KOGITO-8741] - Kogito Images: Remove Maven 3.6.x module
  • [KOGITO-8751] - BDD: Disable Keycloak testing
  • [KOGITO-8795] - Use different datasources when embedded addons for data-index and job service
  • [KOGITO-8808] - Use explicitly set Data Index nightly image for Dev Service
  • [KOGITO-8833] - Bump to Quarkus 2.16.4.Final
  • [KOGITO-8865] - [Community tracker] - Allow the DefaultCondition on events to be string or object
  • [KOGITO-9043] - [Doc Review] Allow per channel configuration of overflow strategy


  • [KOGITO-3135] - Release pipeline: Use Github release CLI for tagging in runtimes/apps/examples
  • [KOGITO-5705] - Review kogito-ddl content
  • [KOGITO-8487] - JodIdResolver factory
  • [KOGITO-8642] - [KSW-Operator] Implement healthchecks to the workflow dev profile
  • [KOGITO-8645] - [KSW-Operator] Review the status.conditions field to follow Kubernetes conventions
  • [KOGITO-8649] - [KSW-Operator] Mount an external configuration file in the workflow dev profile
  • [KOGITO-8752] - InjectAction does not update model if REST body contains a workflowdata that is not an object
  • [KOGITO-8779] - RestWorkItemHandler should include query if specified in endpoint
  • [KOGITO-8800] - Allow to use a separate image for Data Index Dev Service Test
  • [KOGITO-8813] - [SW] Improve error message about compensation node transition
  • [KOGITO-8845] - RestWorkItemHandler does not use internal VariableScope context
  • [KOGITO-8846] - Globally set default http port for Serverless workflow Rest custom type
  • [KOGITO-8876] - [SWF Dev UI] Dev UI URL must be customizable

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