Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.32.0.Final - HTML format


  • [KOGITO-7283] - [Docs Review][KSW-Guides] Deploying on Kubernetes Clusters
  • [KOGITO-7972] - [Docs Review][KSW-Guides] How to do data migration with PostgreSQL and Flyway
  • [KOGITO-8251] - [Doc Review][KSW-Guides] Working with Open API callbacks
  • [KOGITO-8379] - [Doc Review][KSW Guides] Add a new "Integration" section with Camel Routes add-on details and update custom functions
  • [KOGITO-8380] - [Doc Review][KSW-Guides] Using Serverless Operator to deploy workflow applications on Kubernetes
  • [KOGITO-8437] - [Doc Review][KSW-Guides] Create guide for Knative custom function
  • [KOGITO-8548] - [Doc Review][SWF Dev UI] Add support to start workflows using REST API and cloud events

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-6959] - Migrate nightly artifacts jobs to build chain


  • [KOGITO-8048] - Stabilize the code of the PoC of the Kogito Serverless Workflow CRD


  • [KOGITO-7208] - A lot of unworked (stuck) jobs in simple load test
  • [KOGITO-7209] - Jobs service re-executes completed (executed) jobs
  • [KOGITO-8271] - Pipelines: Setup branch does not set version correctly
  • [KOGITO-8282] - Quarkus checks/nightlies (main, branch and LTS) are failing due to quarkus platform dependency
  • [KOGITO-8312] - Index on Process instance could not be created with Oracle persistence
  • [KOGITO-8329] - Kogito runtimes snapshot artifacts are not uploaded to Nexus
  • [KOGITO-8340] - Serverless Workflow Funqy example fires 400 when tries to run the application
  • [KOGITO-8342] - Remove Camel Quarkus platform BOM from Serverless Loan Example to avoid dependency conflicts when upgrading Quarkus


  • [KOGITO-7282] - [KSW-Guides] Deploying on Kubernetes Clusters
  • [KOGITO-7985] - Jobs Service Integration Tests improvements
  • [KOGITO-8140] - Migrate Serverless Loan Broker example to KIE
  • [KOGITO-8141] - Update Knative Eventing Serverless Workflow Guide to add Incoming HTTP configuration
  • [KOGITO-8167] - [KSW Guides] Incorporate Event State timeout and example in the guides
  • [KOGITO-8177] - Serverless Operator: Setup GHA for e2e tests
  • [KOGITO-8275] - `kogito-swf-builder` scaffold project should be built out of Cekit
  • [KOGITO-8304] - Document the usage of all-in-one jobs-service image
  • [KOGITO-8309] - Improve Knative Eventing doc by adding an example how to send and consume HTTP events
  • [KOGITO-8314] - [KSW-Guides] Using Serverless Operator to deploy workflow applications on Kubernetes


  • [KOGITO-7076] - GitHub is using Nexus repository different than Jenkins
  • [KOGITO-8290] - Setup GHA checks for files check
  • [KOGITO-8291] - Setup Prod Jenkins check
  • [KOGITO-8302] - Pipelines: Make build-chain config configuration flexible though DSL

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