Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.31.0.Final - HTML format


  • [KOGITO-8072] - Flaky test - extension-editors-bpmn.test.ts
  • [KOGITO-8203] - Incorrect channel mapping if same event type is used in different states
  • [KOGITO-8207] - GHA failing randomly with duplicate id
  • [KOGITO-8208] - [SW] - NPE on Service Discovery when running native mode
  • [KOGITO-8209] - Issue on onboarding-springboot when bumping to quarkus 2.14
  • [KOGITO-8232] - KnativeExtensionAdapter is failing in native mode
  • [KOGITO-8273] - Kogito Serverless Operator cannot build with Podman on Jenkins => Fallback to docker


  • [KOGITO-8176] - Serverless Operator: Setup release pipeline
  • [KOGITO-8216] - Pipelines: Move drools-website publish job to Kogito DSL framework
  • [KOGITO-8222] - Examples: Build main subprojects in parallel


  • [KOGITO-6804] - [SW]: Implementing OpenAPI Callback Support within Serverless Workflows
  • [KOGITO-6963] - Pipelines: Migrate specific nightlies to build-chain
  • [KOGITO-8111] - PR checks: Remove quarkus pull request config
  • [KOGITO-8191] - Cannot Use Boundary Error Event In Conjunction with a Catch All Exception Subprocess
  • [KOGITO-8281] - kogito-docs sw make latest alias also point to latest release version
  • [KOGITO-8287] - Inconsistent .bpmn message KogitoAssetsProcessor#generateSources

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