Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.29.0.Final - HTML format


  • [KOGITO-9637] - QE serverless logic tasks for six iteration of the tooling

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-7857] - Incorporate CE SDK into Kogito Runtimes
  • [KOGITO-7961] - Include kogito-addons-quarkus-events-process in productized profile



  • [KOGITO-7647] - Workflowdata input schema name should be different in the generated OpenAPI
  • [KOGITO-7756] - [KSW-Guides] use org.acme groupId in Creating your first service guide commands
  • [KOGITO-7769] - kogito-quarkus-test-list.xml file is not unique in Central
  • [KOGITO-7923] - Knative eventing plugin sends no events when compiled with the native build
  • [KOGITO-7955] - Serverless Workflow: InvalidPathException is returned when building project with gRPC
  • [KOGITO-7969] - Incompatibility in Jandex version 3 and 2.x
  • [KOGITO-7971] - Kogito smallrye-open-api dependencies in conflict for Quarkus LTS
  • [KOGITO-8010] - Pipelines: Quarkus checks should set-property for quarkus version
  • [KOGITO-8039] - Fixes and enhancements in "Testing your workflow application using REST Assured" guide
  • [KOGITO-8061] - Typo in kogito-spring-boot-archetype artifact name in docs
  • [KOGITO-8067] - NullPointerException when using persistence with flexible-process-springboot
  • [KOGITO-8165] - Examples PR check is failing on persistence / events profiles


  • [KOGITO-7689] - Optimize the State object definition using the inheritance/mergo/other
  • [KOGITO-7725] - Guarantee Job Service work properly even with more than one instance running.
  • [KOGITO-7726] - QE serverless logic - hot reload feature verification
  • [KOGITO-7764] - [KSW Guides] Guide for timeouts and job-service with Serverless Workflow
  • [KOGITO-7839] - Align the apiVersion to the Kogito API Implementation of the SW Spec
  • [KOGITO-7956] - Remove workflowdata from generated swagger documentation
  • [KOGITO-8006] - Investigate on the Kogito Builder's issue on Minikube
  • [KOGITO-8043] - Pipelines: Jenkins: Rename `master` node reference to `built-in`
  • [KOGITO-8075] - Align fabric8 with quarkus-k8s v6 client


  • [KOGITO-7967] - Improve clarity of procedure to start gRPC application in the guide
  • [KOGITO-8145] - Fix broken links in SWF Guide - section Security

Component Upgrade

  • [KOGITO-8007] - Upgrade the version of io.quarkiverse.jackson-jq to 1.1.0


  • [KOGITO-7703] - Nightlies: Use integration branch for Quarkus nightlies
  • [KOGITO-7899] - Integrate Kaniko into SWF Operator
  • [KOGITO-8024] - Increase Kogito Runtimes build performance (mvn install)
  • [KOGITO-8088] - Gain All Capabilities Using Unshare
  • [KOGITO-8113] - Move logic from KnativeEventingConfigSource to a ConfigSourceFactory

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