Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.10.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-2021] - Expose management endpoint that allows updating process variables
  • [KOGITO-5252] - Messaging construct hardening with Kafka


  • [KOGITO-5525] - `process-mongodb-persistence-quarkus` is failing to start in native mode with persistence
  • [KOGITO-5526] - Kogito runtime native image is logging `/home/kogito/launch/ line 68: /home/kogito/launch/ No such file or directory`
  • [KOGITO-5564] - PostgreSQL healtcheck fails when reactive client is used
  • [KOGITO-5567] - Jenkinsfile.deploy is re-running the tests on deploy job ...
  • [KOGITO-5570] - ProtobufValidationException: A single MongoDB collection can have no more than 64 indexes
  • [KOGITO-5572] - Adding events profile for PostgreSQL examples
  • [KOGITO-5573] - Kogito Operator Data-Index Unable to connect to Infinispan Instance
  • [KOGITO-5580] - Kogito quarkus test list configuration broken during refactoring
  • [KOGITO-5623] - Serverless Workflow Behave test does not specify CE datatype
  • [KOGITO-5630] - review examples 'with console': restore the dataindex url and disable infinispan auth
  • [KOGITO-5632] - '' error with disable Endpoint Authentication
  • [KOGITO-5671] - Jobs service MongoDB does not connect to MongoDB
  • [KOGITO-5677] - ProcessInstanceMarshallTest - incorrect marshaller chosen for some types


  • [KOGITO-4611] - Generic and tradicional JDBC implementation addon for SQL databases (PostgreSQL first)
  • [KOGITO-4699] - BDD tests for Jobs Service with PostgreSQL persistence


  • [KOGITO-3404] - Task administration REST endpoints
  • [KOGITO-5463] - Process Validation - Parsing validation and RuleFlowValidator before code generation
  • [KOGITO-5464] - Process integration with DMN examples (REST/Embedded)
  • [KOGITO-5478] - Management console does not work on OpenShift
  • [KOGITO-5497] - Multijob PR check: Add `Jenkins run downstream {group}` trigger comment
  • [KOGITO-5537] - ui-packages simplify sonar configuration
  • [KOGITO-5584] - PR checks should ignore on `skip-ci` label
  • [KOGITO-5597] - Native check: Separate each check in its own repository
  • [KOGITO-5601] - Add KogitoInfra capablities in RHPAM Kogito Operator
  • [KOGITO-5708] - Update Kogito docs to reflect task/management Keycloak changes

Component Upgrade

  • [KOGITO-5511] - Downgrade SpringBoot to 2.3.10.RELEASE


  • [KOGITO-4724] - SQL database scripts bundle
  • [KOGITO-5239] - Review pipeline timeouts
  • [KOGITO-5301] - Introduce new Kogito Spring Boot Starters
  • [KOGITO-5325] - Create persistence addons implementations for Postgres, Infinispan, and MongoDB
  • [KOGITO-5355] - Add Quarkus and SpringBoot addons to respective BOMs
  • [KOGITO-5356] - Move all runtime addons to their respective Runtime modules
  • [KOGITO-5366] - Incorrect object type returned in a DMN business-rule task of a BPMN (RuleSetNode Instance)
  • [KOGITO-5574] - Dump persistence generated classes to disk with Quarkus
  • [KOGITO-5578] - Improvements in codegen for MessageConsumer and ChannelResolver

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