Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.9.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-2499] - Support for expressions in BPMN Tasks in/out variable assignments when invoking DMN
  • [KOGITO-4565] - Operator support for runtimes configuration using Postgres
  • [KOGITO-5251] - Upgrade to SpringBoot 2.4.3
  • [KOGITO-5376] - Add wrappers for legacy addons supported by RHPAM 7.11
  • [KOGITO-5446] - Isolate Kogito Operator APIs into a new Go module and generate Kubernetes clients


  • [KOGITO-694] - Community and Productized dependency operators support
  • [KOGITO-4699] - BDD tests for Jobs Service with PostgreSQL persistence


  • [KOGITO-3919] - [SW] Events type should be mapped to jBPM triggers instead of source
  • [KOGITO-4537] - Claim operation seems to add empty String to some HumanTask fields
  • [KOGITO-5286] - Cannot Call DMN from BPMN2
  • [KOGITO-5429] - Extended Travel agency example fails to reload travels data automatically
  • [KOGITO-5445] - kogito-quarkus-test-list module fails to build with OpenJDK 16
  • [KOGITO-5472] - Debug enabled scenarios are failing in kogito builder image
  • [KOGITO-5559] - Kogito apps tests are flaky on Jenkins


  • [KOGITO-5247] - Kogito-runtimes - produce test-list grouping test-jar artifacts for quarkus-platform tests
  • [KOGITO-5281] - Integration tests for JDBC persistence
  • [KOGITO-5336] - Update kogito-examples
  • [KOGITO-5350] - Fix flaky InfinispanWebSocketSubscriptionIT test
  • [KOGITO-5404] - Remove parent from Springboot Persistence ITs
  • [KOGITO-5443] - java8 image not working with java11 compiled dependencies
  • [KOGITO-5478] - Management console does not work on OpenShift
  • [KOGITO-5485] - Disable LTS checks on master until Quarkus 2.2 is out (next LTS)
  • [KOGITO-5494] - PR check: Setup jobs for each managed branch
  • [KOGITO-5540] - Remove SonarCloud analysis on release branches

Component Upgrade

  • [KOGITO-5511] - Downgrade SpringBoot to 2.3.10.RELEASE


  • [KOGITO-5127] - Guide for new Kogito operator developers
  • [KOGITO-5413] - Move build to use Java 11 as target version
  • [KOGITO-5480] - Changes in DSL should trigger the seed job automatically

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