Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.7.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-4337] - PostgreSQL persistence support for Job Service
  • [KOGITO-4767] - Upgrade GraalVM to version


  • [KOGITO-4518] - "-svg" added to SVG name when exporting
  • [KOGITO-4898] - Probe defaults should be based on YAML action values
  • [KOGITO-4955] - Data index InfinispanWebSocketSubscriptionIT test is not being executed and fails when enabled
  • [KOGITO-4957] - Kogito Services fails to process HTTP CloudEvents when header does not contain content-type
  • [KOGITO-5005] - Operator print irrelevant metadata in logs
  • [KOGITO-5009] - Nightly build of images is broken due to jobs-service artifact name changed
  • [KOGITO-5056] - rhpam-kogito-builder-rhel8 image is using a wrong label
  • [KOGITO-5088] - Upgrade GraalVM to 21.x on Kogito Images
  • [KOGITO-5138] - Kogito Images are using old ubi8 images
  • [KOGITO-5176] - TrustyUI not showing inputs
  • [KOGITO-5263] - BDD tests: Ignore Keycloak URL difference in retrieved token


  • [KOGITO-4563] - Runtimes integration tests with diferent modules for persistence
  • [KOGITO-4887] - Quarkus 1.13


  • [KOGITO-4846] - Create a nightly job to update go.mod file and run BDD tests
  • [KOGITO-4889] - Proposal to break Kogito Runtimes Integration and Unit tests in separate profiles and run unit tests in parallel
  • [KOGITO-4952] - Support installing product operator using insecure registry
  • [KOGITO-4970] - Add Milestones panel to new ProcessDetailsPage
  • [KOGITO-5016] - Remove Kogito-related modules from v7 stream


  • [KOGITO-4312] - Review Kogito Operator Documentation
  • [KOGITO-4958] - Add Spring Boot Actuator as default dependency

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