Release Notes - Agroal - Version 0.4 - HTML format


  • [AG-44] - Fix loading the AgroalDataSource implementation in modular enviroments
  • [AG-45] - Don't set the transaction isolation level
  • [AG-46] - Fix intermitent failing tests
  • [AG-47] - Failure to get results out of ResultSetWrapper
  • [AG-48] - Remove autocommit stash from WrappedConnection
  • [AG-49] - Reset transaction check callback when returning connection to the pool
  • [AG-51] - Don't wrap null Statement / ResultSet
  • [AG-52] - Fix typo in ResultSetWrapper.setFetchSize()
  • [AG-53] - Maven release plugin generate the wrong tag when performing a release


  • [AG-50] - Configure automatic deployment of snapshots on travis

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