Release Notes - Agroal - Version 0.2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [AG-14] - Implement a wrapper for HikariCP


  • [AG-12] - Add OSGi bundle metadata
  • [AG-13] - Fix the classloader used for loading the implementation
  • [AG-24] - Fix username property in the connection factory
  • [AG-25] - Return a new connection wrapper for connectable resources


  • [AG-11] - Create a simple web page
  • [AG-15] - Implement a benchmark
  • [AG-16] - Continous integration
  • [AG-17] - Deprecate PrefillMode and introduce initialSize
  • [AG-18] - Add constructor and factory methods to AgroalDatasource that take AgroalListener as parameter
  • [AG-19] - Implement integration with JBoss Threads for interrupt protection
  • [AG-20] - Misc. code improvements suggested by static analysis
  • [AG-21] - Allow connections without transaction in JTA environments
  • [AG-22] - Deprecate interrupt protection and remove jboss-threads integration
  • [AG-23] - Proper implementation of XAResourceWrapper

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