Release Notes - Debezium - Version 2.1.2.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-6012] - Postgres LSN check should honor event.processing.failure.handling.mode


  • [DBZ-5798] - Data type conversion failed for mysql bigint
  • [DBZ-5907] - Oracle cannot undo change
  • [DBZ-5966] - Truncate records incompatible with ExtractNewRecordState
  • [DBZ-5967] - Computed partition must not be negative
  • [DBZ-5988] - NPE in execute snapshot signal with exclude.tables config on giving wrong table name
  • [DBZ-5991] - There is a problem with postgresql connector parsing the boundary value of money type
  • [DBZ-5996] - Debezium truncating micro/nanosecond part if it is all zeros
  • [DBZ-6002] - Run PostgresConnectorIT.shouldReceiveChangesForChangeColumnDefault() failed
  • [DBZ-6003] - Nullable columns marked with "optional: false" in DDL events
  • [DBZ-6011] - Vitess: Handle the shard list difference between current db shards and persisted shards
  • [DBZ-6016] - DDL statement with TokuDB engine specific "CLUSTERING KEY" couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-6019] - DDL parse fail for role revoke with "user-like" role name
  • [DBZ-6020] - DDL parse fail for ALTER USER x DEFAULT ROLE y;
  • [DBZ-6026] - Offsets are not flushed on connect offsets topic when encountering an error on Postgres connector
  • [DBZ-6029] - Unexpected format for TIME column: 8:00
  • [DBZ-6031] - Oracle does not support compression/logging clauses after an LOB storage clause
  • [DBZ-6037] - Debezium is logging the full message along with the error
  • [DBZ-6039] - Improve resilience during internal schema history recovery from Kafka


  • [DBZ-4669] - Plug-in version information duplicated
  • [DBZ-5975] - Remove incubating documentation text for MongoDB ExtractNewDocumentState SMT
  • [DBZ-5977] - Upgrade Apicurio to 2.4.1.Final
  • [DBZ-5980] - Upgrade JDBC driver to 42.5.1
  • [DBZ-5992] - Migrate connector triggers to gitlab
  • [DBZ-6035] - SQL Server IncrementalSnapshotWithRecompileIT fails randomly


  • [DBZ-2439] - Remove redundant modifiers of members for interface fields
  • [DBZ-5878] - Update the DBZ-UI documentation page to incorporate the recently added "Custom properties" step details
  • [DBZ-6014] - Enhance the Spanner connector by adding features and/or solving bugs

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