Release Notes - Debezium - Version 2.1.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-5930] - Vitess: Support snapshot feature


  • [DBZ-5344] - Cannot expand JSON payload with nested arrays of objects
  • [DBZ-5818] - field.exclude.list in MongoDB Connector v2.0 doesn't accept * as a wildcard for collectionName
  • [DBZ-5900] - Debezium UI documentation link is not accessible to the user via documentation side navigation menu.
  • [DBZ-5936] - Toasted json/int/bigint arrays are not properly processed
  • [DBZ-5949] - No table filters found for filtered publication


  • [DBZ-5952] - Reduce log spamming in Cassandra connector


  • [DBZ-3575] - Implement support for JSON_TABLE in MySQL parser
  • [DBZ-4339] - MongoDB connector to use secondary node
  • [DBZ-5937] - Provide Debezium Spanner connector
  • [DBZ-5946] - Print the readable data class name in JdbcValueConverters.handleUnknownData

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