Release Notes - Debezium - Version 2.1.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-5729] - Create RHAF version of Debezium docs
  • [DBZ-5730] - Add Debezium doc section to RHAF
  • [DBZ-5731] - Create new Debezium section in the docs.
  • [DBZ-5732] - Add Debezium docs to DDF

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-5461] - Upgrade Debezium base image to Fedora 37
  • [DBZ-5772] - Sink adapter for Nats JetStream


  • [DBZ-5661] - Embedded Engine or Server retrying indefinitely on all types of retriable errors
  • [DBZ-5739] - Postgres connector results in silent data loss if replication slot is recreated
  • [DBZ-5789] - PostgreSQL missing metadata info
  • [DBZ-5796] - For outbox transformation, when 'table.expand.json.payload' is set to true null values are not correctly deserialized
  • [DBZ-5807] - Cassandra decimal values are not deserialized using Debezium Cassandra Connector
  • [DBZ-5808] - Cassandra varint type is currently not supported
  • [DBZ-5817] - 'topic.prefix' default value in MongoDB connector v2.0
  • [DBZ-5821] - Quarkus outbox extention never finishes the open tracing span
  • [DBZ-5826] - fix names of range fields in schema to comply with Avro standard
  • [DBZ-5834] - ExtractNewDocumentState does not support updateDescription.updatedFields field
  • [DBZ-5836] - CREATE/ALTER user does not support COMMENT token
  • [DBZ-5843] - Invalid Java object for schema with type FLOAT64: class java.lang.Float
  • [DBZ-5874] - Message contents might not get logged in case of error
  • [DBZ-5876] - CREATE/ALTER user does not support ATTRIBUTE token


  • [DBZ-4303] - Add Debezium REST extension to tagged KC container image
  • [DBZ-5423] - SQL table rename affect on Kafka connector and topic
  • [DBZ-5742] - Create ARO provisioning job
  • [DBZ-5762] - Amend Confluent Avro converter installation documentation
  • [DBZ-5785] - Modify ocp system tests to archive test results and logs
  • [DBZ-5824] - GitHub Actions: Deprecating save-state and set-output commands
  • [DBZ-5833] - Change logging levels of several schema change handler log entries
  • [DBZ-5839] - Revert running tests against Apicurio registry
  • [DBZ-5850] - OracleConnectorIT shouldIgnoreAllTablesInExcludedSchemas test may randomly fail
  • [DBZ-5854] - Upgrade wildfly-elytron to 1.15.5 / 1.16.1 due to CVE-2021-3642
  • [DBZ-5860] - Upgrade PostgreSQL example images to Postgres 15
  • [DBZ-5870] - GitHub Actions deprecation of Node 12 - actions/checkout


  • [DBZ-2098] - Expose Cassandra Connector via Debezium Server
  • [DBZ-4720] - Validate Debezium Server configuration properties
  • [DBZ-5324] - Enable pass-thru of additional config options in Debezium UI
  • [DBZ-5835] - Replace obsolete DebeziumDownload attribute
  • [DBZ-5864] - Reduce container image sizes by consolidating operations per layer
  • [DBZ-5877] - Typo error in Oracle connector documentation 2.0

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