Release Notes - Debezium - Version 2.1.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-5610] - MySQL Connector capture TRUNCATE command as message in table topic
  • [DBZ-5752] - Redis Sink wait for Redis Replica writes


  • [DBZ-5302] - Using snapshot boundary mode "all" causes DebeziumException on Oracle RAC
  • [DBZ-5352] - ORA-01003: no statement parsed
  • [DBZ-5482] - Missing snapshot pending transactions
  • [DBZ-5504] - Db2 documentation refers to invalid SMALLMONEY and MONEY data types
  • [DBZ-5626] - Using snapshot.mode ALWAYS uses SCN from offsets
  • [DBZ-5629] - MongoDB multiple tasks monitor misalignment
  • [DBZ-5682] - UNIQUE INDEX with NULL value throws exception when lob.enabled is true
  • [DBZ-5726] - Oracle SQL parsing error when collation used
  • [DBZ-5727] - Columns are not excluded when doing incremental snapshots
  • [DBZ-5734] - Unparseable DDL statement
  • [DBZ-5738] - NullPointerException thrown during snapshot of tables in Oracle source connector
  • [DBZ-5748] - Remove note from snapshot metrics docs file that flags incremental snapshots as TP feature
  • [DBZ-5753] - Hostname not available for load balanced ocp services in ARO
  • [DBZ-5756] - Exclude Oracle Compression Advisor tables from capture to avoid infinite loop
  • [DBZ-5759] - More Oracle logging
  • [DBZ-5760] - Oracle should only log row contents at TRACE level
  • [DBZ-5767] - Update system test artifact preparation to reflect naming changes in downstream
  • [DBZ-5770] - Outbox Router documentation outdated regarding value converter
  • [DBZ-5773] - Using DBMS_LOB.ERASE by itself can lead to an unexpected UPDATE with null BLOB value
  • [DBZ-5783] - Suppress logging of undetermined optionality for explicitly excluded columns
  • [DBZ-5791] - Oracle connector does not attempt restart when ORA-01089 exception is nested
  • [DBZ-5792] - Message with LSN 'LSN{XYZ}' not present among LSNs seen in the location phase
  • [DBZ-5801] - The merge method of configuration is not work
  • [DBZ-5802] - Mysql connector alter table with database name parse failed


  • [DBZ-2131] - Execute tests with Apicurio converters
  • [DBZ-5083] - Revision info missing on website
  • [DBZ-5647] - Debezium on ARO sanity testing
  • [DBZ-5714] - SQL Server connector docs should mention multi-task support
  • [DBZ-5735] - Remove downstream TP designation for RAC content in Oracle connector docs
  • [DBZ-5737] - Update Pulsar client to 2.10.1
  • [DBZ-5744] - Parametrize Strimzi operator name to enable multiple testsuites running on same cluster
  • [DBZ-5745] - Enable CI to report results to ReportPortal instance
  • [DBZ-5747] - Debezium connectors ship with an old version of google-protobuf vulnerable to CVE-2022-3171
  • [DBZ-5763] - Testsuite unable to connect to SQLServer due to encryption
  • [DBZ-5764] - Testsuite uses incorrect jdbc driver class for SQLServer with docker
  • [DBZ-5766] - Upgrade com.jayway.jsonpath:json-path
  • [DBZ-5768] - Product profile is not used when running Oracle matrix against downstream
  • [DBZ-5774] - Upgrade to Quarkus 2.14.CR1
  • [DBZ-5779] - Switch from Fest to AssertJ
  • [DBZ-5780] - Upgrade postgres driver to version 42.5.0
  • [DBZ-5786] - Upgrade to Quarkus 2.14.0.Final
  • [DBZ-5788] - Doc Typo in cloudevents
  • [DBZ-5799] - Fix DB2 reporting script path
  • [DBZ-5816] - Add ORA-01555 to Oracle documentation
  • [DBZ-5822] - Change visibility of BaseSourceTask#logStatistics method to protected
  • [DBZ-5823] - Upgrade Postgres images to Debian 11


  • [DBZ-5370] - Support for Postgres 15
  • [DBZ-5530] - Add support for SMT predicates in Debezium Engine
  • [DBZ-5648] - Improve LogMiner query performance by reducing REGEXP_LIKE disjunctions
  • [DBZ-5736] - Expose heartbeatFrequency setting for mongodb connector
  • [DBZ-5749] - Provide Redis storage as store module
  • [DBZ-5782] - Redis sink back-pressure mechanism when Redis memory is almost full
  • [DBZ-5790] - Enhance the ability to sanitize topic name

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