Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.7.2.Final - HTML format


  • [DBZ-3635] - None of log files contains offset SCN (SCN offset is no longer available in the online redo logs)
  • [DBZ-4081] - Postgres testsuite hangs on PostgresConnectorIT#exportedSnapshotShouldNotSkipRecordOfParallelTx
  • [DBZ-4160] - Container images for Apache Kafka and ZooKeeper fail to start up
  • [DBZ-4204] - Debezium log miner processes get terminated with ORA-04030 error in idle database environment.
  • [DBZ-4222] - Debezium Metrics not being set correctly
  • [DBZ-4224] - DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4230] - Exception ORA-00310 is not gracefully handled during streaming
  • [DBZ-4255] - Reduce verbosity of logging Oracle memory metrics
  • [DBZ-4272] - Signal based incremental snapshot is failing when launched right after a schema change
  • [DBZ-4277] - [Debezium Server] Event Hubs exporter slow/Event data was too large
  • [DBZ-4280] - ParsingException: DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4298] - some data type is not working for sending signals to a Debezium connector
  • [DBZ-4308] - NullPointerException may be thrown when validating table and column lengths
  • [DBZ-4309] - RelationalChangeRecordEmitter calls "LoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass())" for each instance of the emitter
  • [DBZ-4320] - support for JSON function in MySQL index
  • [DBZ-4331] - Avoid holding table metadata lock in read-only incremental snapshots
  • [DBZ-4343] - Incremental Snapshot does not pick up table
  • [DBZ-4396] - DDL couldn't be parsed: 'analyze table schema.table estimate statistics sample 5 percent;'
  • [DBZ-4422] - Xstream support with LOB unavailable value placeholder support is inconsistent
  • [DBZ-4425] - Oracle Infinispan buffer fails to serialize unavailable value placeholders


  • [DBZ-3974] - Misc. documentation changes for the Debezium MySQL connector
  • [DBZ-4012] - Promote Outbox SMT to GA
  • [DBZ-4127] - Document incremental chunk size setting
  • [DBZ-4286] - Upgrade MySQL JDBC driver to 8.0.27
  • [DBZ-4384] - OracleClobDataTypeIT shouldNotStreamAnyChangesWhenLobEraseIsDetected may fail randomly
  • [DBZ-4446] - Optionally assemble Oracle connector distribution without Infinispan


  • [DBZ-4276] - Support passing an unavailable placeholder value for CLOB/BLOB column types

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