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Feature Request

  • [DBZ-2363] - Support pg_logical_emit_message
  • [DBZ-3528] - Outbox Event Router for MongoDB


  • [DBZ-1042] - PostgresConnector does not allow a numeric slot name
  • [DBZ-1344] - False empty schema warning for snapshot mode never
  • [DBZ-3786] - Tutorial shows incorrectly shows "op": "c" for initial change events
  • [DBZ-3992] - SQL Server fails to read CDC events if there is a schema change ahead
  • [DBZ-4119] - Once user click on "Review and finish" button that step in link in not enabled in wizard side menu.
  • [DBZ-4224] - DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4225] - The lastOffset variable in MySqlStreamingChangeEventSource is always null
  • [DBZ-4232] - Unknown entity: io.debezium.outbox.quarkus.internal.OutboxEvent
  • [DBZ-4272] - Signal based incremental snapshot is failing when launched right after a schema change
  • [DBZ-4273] - SQL Server connector doesn't handle multiple capture instances for the same table with equal start LSN
  • [DBZ-4274] - Debezium UI - some issues with browser support for replaceAll
  • [DBZ-4275] - has typo
  • [DBZ-4279] - OracleConnectorIT - two tests fail when using Xstream
  • [DBZ-4280] - ParsingException: DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4293] - Topic Group UI step does not refresh correctly after setting properties
  • [DBZ-4304] - Add MariaDB specific username for MySQL parser
  • [DBZ-4308] - NullPointerException may be thrown when validating table and column lengths
  • [DBZ-4309] - RelationalChangeRecordEmitter calls "LoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass())" for each instance of the emitter
  • [DBZ-4320] - support for JSON function in MySQL index
  • [DBZ-4331] - Avoid holding table metadata lock in read-only incremental snapshots
  • [DBZ-4334] - Convert mysql time type default value error
  • [DBZ-4337] - Wrong configuration option name for MongoDB Outbox SMT
  • [DBZ-4343] - Incremental Snapshot does not pick up table
  • [DBZ-4360] - Oracle connector - Cannot parse column default value 'NULL ' to type '2'


  • [DBZ-3897] - Add canonical URL links to older doc versions
  • [DBZ-3938] - Set up testing job for MongoDB 5.0
  • [DBZ-3974] - Misc. documentation changes for the Debezium MySQL connector
  • [DBZ-4012] - Promote Outbox SMT to GA
  • [DBZ-4082] - Test failure: SchemaHistoryTopicIT::schemaChangeAfterSnapshot()
  • [DBZ-4122] - Jenkins job for creating image snapshot used by new Jenkins nodes
  • [DBZ-4146] - Use SMT/Transformation UI backend endpoint
  • [DBZ-4214] - Create GH Action for tearing down abandoned website preview environments
  • [DBZ-4236] - Unify Memory and Infinispan event processor implementations
  • [DBZ-4267] - Update system-level testsuite CI job
  • [DBZ-4286] - Upgrade MySQL JDBC driver to 8.0.27
  • [DBZ-4289] - Only build debezium-core and dependences in cross-repo builds
  • [DBZ-4291] - Reduce log verbosity
  • [DBZ-4295] - Vitess connector should expose vstream flags
  • [DBZ-4297] - Vitess connector should allow client to config starting VGTID
  • [DBZ-4299] - Layout glitch on docs landing page
  • [DBZ-4302] - Provide outbox routing example for MongoDB
  • [DBZ-4311] - Fix wrong option names in examples
  • [DBZ-4316] - Update functional test CI to work with downstream source archive
  • [DBZ-4324] - Remove vtctld dependency in Vitess connector
  • [DBZ-4326] - Provide example showing usage of remote Infinispan cache
  • [DBZ-4327] - Provide CI for MongoDB 4.4
  • [DBZ-4353] - Test case for schema migration in Vitess connector
  • [DBZ-4355] - Enable transaction metadata for vitess connector
  • [DBZ-4364] - is a no-op
  • [DBZ-4370] - SignalsIT times out after 6h on CI


  • [DBZ-1539] - Improve interval type support in Oracle
  • [DBZ-1931] - money data type should be controlled by decimal.handling.mode
  • [DBZ-2975] - Support for Multiple Databases per SQL Server Connector
  • [DBZ-3570] - Debezium server stops with wrong exit code (0)
  • [DBZ-4066] - Change Debezium UI configurations property names
  • [DBZ-4169] - Extend configuration support for Infinispan caches
  • [DBZ-4196] - Support schema changes during incremental snapshot
  • [DBZ-4276] - Support passing an unavailable placeholder value for CLOB/BLOB column types
  • [DBZ-4285] - Handle login failure during instance upgrade as retriable
  • [DBZ-4318] - Modify the type of aggregateid in MongoDB Outbox Event Router
  • [DBZ-4330] - Explicit the MS SQL Materialized view limitation

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