Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.7.1.Final - HTML format


  • [DBZ-3834] - Row hashing in LogMiner Query not able to differentiate between rows of a statement.
  • [DBZ-3860] - The chunk select statement is incorrect for combined primary key in incremental snapshot
  • [DBZ-3885] - Cassandra UUID handling
  • [DBZ-4064] - Infinispan SPI throws NPE with more than one connector configured to the same Oracle database
  • [DBZ-4070] - Debezium Server might contain driver versions pulled from Quarkus
  • [DBZ-4106] - Database history is constantly being reconfigured
  • [DBZ-4118] - Oracle flush table should not contain multiple rows
  • [DBZ-4125] - SQL Server Connector fails to wrap in flat brackets
  • [DBZ-4126] - Oracle Connector DDL Parsing Exception
  • [DBZ-4135] - Debezium deals with Oracle DDL appeared IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0
  • [DBZ-4137] - Error: PostgresDefaultValueConverter - Cannot parse column default value 'NULL::numeric' to type 'numeric'. Expression evaluation is not supported.
  • [DBZ-4151] - Possible OutOfMemoryError with tracking schema changes
  • [DBZ-4158] - DDL ParsingException - not all table compression modes are supported
  • [DBZ-4166] - Producer failure NullPointerException
  • [DBZ-4174] - DDL statement couldn't be parsed - Modify Column
  • [DBZ-4186] - OracleSchemaMigrationIT#shouldNotEmitDdlEventsForNonTableObjects fails for Xstream
  • [DBZ-4188] - Certain LogMiner-specific tests are not being skipped while using Xstreams
  • [DBZ-4194] - DML statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4210] - io.debezium.text.ParsingException: DDL statement couldn't be parsed. Please open a Jira issue with the statement 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS condition'
  • [DBZ-4215] - Support MySQL Dual Passwords in DDL Parser
  • [DBZ-4229] - CREATE PROCEDURE DDL throws ParsingException
  • [DBZ-4233] - CHAR / NCHAR precision is not correctly derived from DDL statements
  • [DBZ-4290] - Error when define default value avro in decimal columns
  • [DBZ-4340] - SQLServer Debezium Server issue with latin1 characters
  • [DBZ-4424] - Oracle Connector not receiving DELETE operations


  • [DBZ-3437] - Incorrect documentation for message.key.columns
  • [DBZ-3880] - Document awareness of Oracle database tuning
  • [DBZ-3926] - Please fix vulnerabilites
  • [DBZ-4036] - Handle SCN gap
  • [DBZ-4108] - Upgrade to Apache Kafka 2.8.1
  • [DBZ-4129] - Missing documentation for max.iteration.transactions option
  • [DBZ-4149] - Misc. MongoDB connector docs fixes
  • [DBZ-4157] - Document Oracle buffering solutions


  • [DBZ-4159] - Store buffered events in separate Infinispan cache
  • [DBZ-4161] - Log warning when table/column name exceeds maximum allowed by LogMiner
  • [DBZ-4197] - Process transaction started/committed in MySQL read-only incremental snapshot

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