Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.6.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-814] - Unsupported column types should be ignored as with other connectors

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1145] - Clarification on MySQL vs MariaDb Usage
  • [DBZ-3546] - Pravega sink for Debezium Server


  • [DBZ-400] - AbstractConnectorTest should work in environment with longer latency
  • [DBZ-3068] - PostgreSQL connector task fails to resume streaming because replication slot is active
  • [DBZ-3486] - SQL Server connector buffers all CDC events in memory if more than one table is captured
  • [DBZ-3515] - SQLServer low throughput tables increase usage of TempDB
  • [DBZ-3522] - Incorrectly identifies primary member of replica set
  • [DBZ-3529] - Cannot enable binlog streaming when INITIAL_ONLY snapshot mode configured
  • [DBZ-3538] - Connector CRD name and cannot use the same value in OCP test-suite
  • [DBZ-3545] - SelectLobParser checks for lowercase "is null" instead of uppercase "IS NULL"
  • [DBZ-3549] - DDL ParsingException "mismatched input 'sharing'" for create table syntax.
  • [DBZ-3554] - DDL ParsingException on alter table
  • [DBZ-3561] - ORA-00310 when online redo log is archived and replaced by redo log with new sequence
  • [DBZ-3562] - Server name pattern is unnecessarily restrictive
  • [DBZ-3563] - ORA-01289 error encountered on Oracle RAC when multiple logs are mined with same sequence number
  • [DBZ-3572] - MySQL metrics documentation refers to legacy implementation
  • [DBZ-3582] - Update downstream MySQL doc to reference streaming metrics vs. binlog metrics
  • [DBZ-3586] - No viable alternative at input "add COLUMN optional"
  • [DBZ-3587] - NPE when OracleValueConverters get unsupported jdbc type
  • [DBZ-3591] - SelectLobParser throws NullPointerException when parsing SQL for an unknown table
  • [DBZ-3595] - Pulsar sink tries to convert null key to string
  • [DBZ-3599] - Oracle RAC URL does not correctly substitute node IP addresses
  • [DBZ-3606] - Oracle Connector - got InputMismatchException mismatched input 'CASCADE' expecting {'AS', 'PURGE', ';'}


  • [DBZ-2834] - Make outbox extensions dependency on tracing extension optional
  • [DBZ-3328] - Avoid copying in DML handling
  • [DBZ-3466] - Document impact of using --hostname when starting Connect container
  • [DBZ-3502] - Update external link to AMQ Streams documentation
  • [DBZ-3525] - Update external links in downstream docs to AMQ Streams deployment information
  • [DBZ-3542] - Debezium Server Core builds plugin artifact
  • [DBZ-3544] - List contributors script fails when name contains a "/" character
  • [DBZ-3550] - Upgrade to Quarkus 2.0.0.CR3
  • [DBZ-3556] - Reduce DB round-trips for LOB handling
  • [DBZ-3560] - Oracle benchmark does not execute LogMiner parser performance tests
  • [DBZ-3565] - Clarify purpose of database.history.retention.hours
  • [DBZ-3568] - Improve documentation related to signalling table DDL
  • [DBZ-3589] - cassandra-driver-core 3.5.0 managed in Debezium BOM too old for testcontainers 1.15.3
  • [DBZ-3596] - Remove some dead code in Postgres connector
  • [DBZ-3601] - Debezium server sink oracle database to pulsar without default namespace "public/default"
  • [DBZ-3607] - Document OffsetContext.incrementalSnapshotEvents()
  • [DBZ-3608] - Database skipping logic isn't correct


  • [DBZ-2790] - Postgres - Column default values are not extracted
  • [DBZ-3062] - Add support for snapshot.include.collection.list
  • [DBZ-3102] - Apply filters with empty filter changes 'Exclude' selection to 'Include'
  • [DBZ-3475] - Adjust OpenShift tests to support new version of Strimzi CRDs
  • [DBZ-3506] - Remove SchemaProcessor From Cassandra Connector
  • [DBZ-3557] - Provide a `snapshot.locking.mode` option for Oracle
  • [DBZ-3559] - Implement support for JSON function in MySQL parser

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