Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.4.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DBZ-2784] - LogMiner causes DataException when DATE field is specified as NOT NULL
  • [DBZ-2800] - AWS RDS has different role names which make connector validation fail
  • [DBZ-2825] - Archive Log mining does not work with Logminer
  • [DBZ-2840] - MySQL parser error for comments starting with tab
  • [DBZ-2849] - Connector fails when using '$' sign in column name.
  • [DBZ-2856] - Connection adapter not passed to Surefire tests
  • [DBZ-2882] - Unsupported MariaDB syntax for generated columns
  • [DBZ-2890] - SLF4J API should not be included in Oracle distirbution
  • [DBZ-2892] - Vitess distro contains unaligned deps
  • [DBZ-2896] - Changing base packages does not always trigger full builds


  • [DBZ-2167] - Remove LegacyDdlParser and related code
  • [DBZ-2808] - Add MongoDB connector interface
  • [DBZ-2851] - `sanitize.field.names` support for Vitess Connector
  • [DBZ-2860] - Explicitly declare to Quarkus that ORM XML mapping is required for the outbox extension
  • [DBZ-2887] - Upgrade MySQL JDBC driver to 8.0.21
  • [DBZ-2888] - Upgrade Guava library to 30.0
  • [DBZ-2889] - Avoid exception when payload id field not present


  • [DBZ-2366] - Improve error reporting from DDL parser
  • [DBZ-2859] - Support TNS Names and full RAC connection strings
  • [DBZ-2873] - Add more comprehensible logs to FIELD event

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