Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.4.0.Beta1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-2785] - option to kill process when engine run crashes


  • [DBZ-2692] - DDL parser: Allow stored procedure variables in LIMIT clause
  • [DBZ-2743] - Rename user command parsing fails
  • [DBZ-2746] - Wrong mysql command in openshift dpeloyment docs
  • [DBZ-2759] - long running transaction will be abandoned and ignored
  • [DBZ-2767] - MS SQL Decimal with default value not matching the scale of the column definition cause exception
  • [DBZ-2768] - Cassandra Connector doesn't shut down completely
  • [DBZ-2771] - MySQL Parser fails for BINARY collation shortcut
  • [DBZ-2772] - PostgresConnectorIT.shouldResumeStreamingFromSlotPositionForCustomSnapshot is failing for wal2json on CI
  • [DBZ-2801] - Connector configuration property "" is not relevant for Logminer implementation but cannot be omitted
  • [DBZ-2821] - CHARACTER VARYING mysql identifier for varchar is not supported in debezium
  • [DBZ-2827] - try-with-resources should not be used when OkHttp Response object is returned
  • [DBZ-2830] - EmbeddedEngine does not shutdown when commitOffsets is interrupted
  • [DBZ-2831] - Embedded engine fails to receive events from mongodb withnon-default port


  • [DBZ-735] - VerifyRecord#isValid() compares JSON schema twice instead of Avro
  • [DBZ-1322] - Don't rely on deprecated JSON serialization functionality of MongoDB driver
  • [DBZ-1984] - Move website build to GitHub Actions
  • [DBZ-2001] - Move Db2 connector to separate repository
  • [DBZ-2335] - Modularize doc for SQL Server component
  • [DBZ-2561] - Upgrade apicurio to 1.3.2.Final
  • [DBZ-2740] - Remove obsolete logging files from /partials directory
  • [DBZ-2741] - Remove obsolete monitoring files from /partials directory
  • [DBZ-2744] - Increase Oracle CI frequency
  • [DBZ-2753] - Make Debezium example work with Podman instead of Docker
  • [DBZ-2763] - Disable log mining history by default
  • [DBZ-2770] - Upgrade -setup-java action to the latest 1.4.3
  • [DBZ-2773] - Trigger non-core connector tests when core or DDL parser module are changed
  • [DBZ-2776] - Add support for unsigned integer types
  • [DBZ-2777] - Update JDK action workflow matrix with JDK 16.0.0-ea.24
  • [DBZ-2781] - Auto resolve latest JDK EA release number
  • [DBZ-2782] - Update content in modularized SQL Server connector doc
  • [DBZ-2824] - Fix splitter annotations that control how content is modularized downstream


  • [DBZ-559] - Add support for distributed tracing
  • [DBZ-1818] - Outbox Quarkus extension: Support OpenTracing
  • [DBZ-2138] - Upgrade MongoDB driver to 4.x to run in native mode in GraalVM (for Quarkus extension)
  • [DBZ-2578] - Add support for using Vitess primary key as Kafka message key
  • [DBZ-2579] - Add support for Nullable columns
  • [DBZ-2775] - Allow snapshot records be generated either as create or read for MySQL connector
  • [DBZ-2796] - Support in Db2 connector for lowercase table and schema names.
  • [DBZ-2797] - Tablespace name LOGMINER_TBS should not be hardcoded in the Java code

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