Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.4.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-2625] - Intermittent SQL Server test failure on CI - SqlServerConnectorIT
  • [DBZ-2742] - Change initial.sync.max.threads to snapshot.max.threads

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-2662] - Control ChangeEventQueue by the size in bytes


  • [DBZ-1446] - Oracle throw "no snapshot found based on specified time" when running flashback query
  • [DBZ-2580] - Exception when PK definition precedes column definition
  • [DBZ-2617] - Patroni can't stop PostgreSQL when Debezium is streaming
  • [DBZ-2679] - ChangeRecord informations don't connect with the TableSchema
  • [DBZ-2682] - MySQL connector fails on a zero date
  • [DBZ-2683] - Oracle LogMiner doesn't support partition tables
  • [DBZ-2693] - DB2 doesn't start reliably in OCP
  • [DBZ-2716] - Dropped columns cause NPE in SqlServerConnector
  • [DBZ-2726] - Timestamp default value in 'yyyy-mm-dd' format fails MySQL connector
  • [DBZ-2727] - Connection timeout on write should retry
  • [DBZ-2738] - No viable alternative at input error on "min" column
  • [DBZ-2747] - SQLServer CI error in SqlServerConnectorIT.whenCaptureInstanceExcludesColumnsAndColumnsRenamedExpectNoErrors:1473
  • [DBZ-2755] - debezium-connector-db2: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-206 on DB2 for z/OS
  • [DBZ-2760] - no viable alternative at input 'alter table `order` drop CONSTRAINT'
  • [DBZ-2762] - Tests are failing on macos


  • [DBZ-1720] - Move CI to Github Actions for all repositories
  • [DBZ-2628] - Privileges missing from setup in documentation - Oracle LogMiner connector
  • [DBZ-2637] - Add validation that replication slot doesn't exist
  • [DBZ-2638] - Update OpenJDK Quality Outreach jobs
  • [DBZ-2659] - Re-unify monitoring content in the operations/monitoring.adoc file
  • [DBZ-2690] - Pull oracle specific changes for reading table column metadata into debezium-core
  • [DBZ-2704] - Intermittent test failure on CI - PostgresConnectorIT#shouldRegularlyFlushLsnWithTxMonitoring
  • [DBZ-2708] - Topic routing doc formatting fix
  • [DBZ-2721] - Re-unify logging content in the operations/logging.adoc file
  • [DBZ-2729] - Incorporate Oracle LogMiner implementation updates
  • [DBZ-2749] - Upgrade Vitess docker image to Vitess 8.0.0


  • [DBZ-2602] - Move testcontainers changes on DebeziumContainer from UI PoC backend to Debezium main repo
  • [DBZ-2606] - Add ability to map new name for the fields and headers
  • [DBZ-2608] - Add close call to the Snapshotter interface
  • [DBZ-2673] - Overriding Character Set Mapping
  • [DBZ-2685] - Support PostgreSQL connector retry when database is restarted
  • [DBZ-2701] - Cassandra connector documentation typos
  • [DBZ-2717] - Fix typo in converters doc
  • [DBZ-2724] - Add tests for DBZ-2617: PG connector does not enter FAILED state on failing heartbeats

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