Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.5.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [DBZ-2901] - Extra connectors are not buildable unless main Debezium is built locally
  • [DBZ-2939] - java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01333: failed to establish Logminer Dictionary
  • [DBZ-2951] - Add support for connector/task lifecycle ops to UI backend
  • [DBZ-2974] - Cassandra CDC failed to deserialize list<UserType> column correct
  • [DBZ-2982] - Debezium Oracle Connector will appear stuck on large SCN jumps
  • [DBZ-3008] - Invalid regex patterns should fail validation when validation database.include/exclude.list properties for MySQL connector
  • [DBZ-3011] - Fix repository config for Jenkis snapshot deployment
  • [DBZ-3013] - Documentation `LOCK_TABLES` should be `LOCK TABLES`
  • [DBZ-3018] - Unable to parse non-constant SIGNAL option value
  • [DBZ-3020] - Cannot parse expression in DEFAULT column definition
  • [DBZ-3023] - Table creation DDL with `CHARACTER SET = DEFAULT` causes MySQL connector failure
  • [DBZ-3037] - Key being used as value in pubsub batch handler
  • [DBZ-3039] - Missing some MariaDB existence predicates in ALTER TABLE


  • [DBZ-1865] - Move MySQL connector to base framework
  • [DBZ-2274] - Improved resiliency of release process against OSS failures
  • [DBZ-2420] - Pull up HOSTNAME, PORT, DATABASE_NAME, USER and PASSWORD to RelationalDatabaseConnectorConfig
  • [DBZ-2424] - Db2 Connector doesn't declare database related config options
  • [DBZ-2678] - Add Vitess connector to tutorial example
  • [DBZ-2802] - Fix build status badge in README files
  • [DBZ-2804] - Merge and complete web components PR
  • [DBZ-2814] - IBM Db2 Connector promoted to GA
  • [DBZ-2970] - Document several Oracle frequently encountered problems
  • [DBZ-2978] - No syntax highlighting on website listings
  • [DBZ-2986] - Admonition icons missing
  • [DBZ-2999] - Improve logging for Logminer adapter
  • [DBZ-3012] - CI build not required for changes in README files
  • [DBZ-3047] - Execute ZZZGtidSetIT as the last test
  • [DBZ-3055] - Capture and report LogMiner state when mining session fails to start


  • [DBZ-2382] - Support emitting TRUNCATE events in PostgreSQL pgoutput plugin
  • [DBZ-2575] - Improve performance for very large postgres schemas
  • [DBZ-3024] - Migrate DebeziumContainer enhancements for DBZ-2950 and DBZ-2952 into main repository

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