Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.2.0.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1266] - Postgresql - Allow for include.unknown.datatypes to return string instead of hash
  • [DBZ-2092] - Debezium Server should support Google Cloud PubSub
  • [DBZ-2112] - Sink adapter for Apache Pulsar


  • [DBZ-1989] - The metric MilliSecondsBehindSource reports the value in Trillion occassionally
  • [DBZ-2116] - MongoDB connector snapshot NPE in case of document field named "op"
  • [DBZ-2118] - Transaction opened by Debezium is left idle and never committed
  • [DBZ-2124] - Don't call markBatchFinished() in finally block
  • [DBZ-2125] - kafka SSL passwords need to be added to the Sensitive Properties list
  • [DBZ-2126] - Intermittent test failure on CI - SQL Server
  • [DBZ-2130] - CREATE TABLE query is giving parsing exception
  • [DBZ-2136] - Misc. Javadoc and docs fixes
  • [DBZ-2140] - Avro schema doesn't change if a column default value is dropped
  • [DBZ-2142] - Multiple SETs not supported in trigger
  • [DBZ-2144] - Don't validate internal database.history.connector.* config parameters
  • [DBZ-2151] - ANTLR parser doesn't handle MariaDB syntax drop index IF EXISTS as part of alter table DDL
  • [DBZ-2153] - Casting as INT causes a ParsingError
  • [DBZ-2154] - Calling function UTC_TIMESTAMP without parenthesis causes a parsing error
  • [DBZ-2170] - Could not find or load main class io.debezium.server.Main


  • [DBZ-775] - Adding tests and doc updates around column masking and truncating
  • [DBZ-1657] - Refactor/use common configuration parameters
  • [DBZ-1929] - Add performance test for SMTs like filters
  • [DBZ-1951] - Add banner to older doc versions about them being outdated
  • [DBZ-2033] - Instable integration test with Testcontainers
  • [DBZ-2056] - Add test for schema history topic for Oracle connector
  • [DBZ-2060] - Random test failures
  • [DBZ-2065] - Set up CI jobs for JDK 14/15
  • [DBZ-2104] - Introduce Any type for server to seamlessly integrate with Debezium API
  • [DBZ-2119] - Upgrade to Quarkus 1.5.0.Final
  • [DBZ-2132] - Refactor & Extend OpenShift test-suite tooling to prepare for MongoDB and SQL Server
  • [DBZ-2135] - OpenShift tests are failing when waiting for Connect metrics to be exposed
  • [DBZ-2143] - Rebase MySQL grammar on the latest upstream version
  • [DBZ-2150] - Await coordinator shutdown in embedded engine
  • [DBZ-2156] - More meaningful exception in case of replication slot conflict
  • [DBZ-2157] - Intermittent test failure on CI - Postgres
  • [DBZ-2164] - OpenShift pipeline uses incorrect projects for Mongo and Sql Server deployment
  • [DBZ-2169] - Incorrect polling timeout in AbstractReader


  • [DBZ-1312] - Change table.whitelist/table.blacklist format
  • [DBZ-1813] - Restrict the set of tables with a publication when using pgoutput
  • [DBZ-1814] - Support configuring different encodings for binary source data
  • [DBZ-2089] - Add API for not registering metrics MBean into the platform MBean server
  • [DBZ-2091] - Unable to handle UDT data
  • [DBZ-2106] - Improve SQL Server reconnect during shutdown and connection resets
  • [DBZ-2113] - OpenShift tests for SQL Server connector before GA
  • [DBZ-2114] - OpenShift tests for MongoDB Connector before GA
  • [DBZ-2149] - Log begin/end of schema recovery on INFO level
  • [DBZ-2152] - Allow outbox EventRouter to pass non-String based Keys
  • [DBZ-2159] - Introduce API checks
  • [DBZ-2160] - Bump mysql binlog version

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