Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.2.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-651] - Provide ready-to-use standalone application based on the embedded engine
  • [DBZ-1988] - Add option to skip LSN timestamp queries
  • [DBZ-2024] - Filter and content-based router SMTs should be restrictable to certain topics
  • [DBZ-2034] - Add option to logical topic router for controlling placement of table information
  • [DBZ-2074] - Add headers and topic name into scripting transforms


  • [DBZ-2061] - Avro schema doesn't change if a column default value changes from 'foo' to 'bar'
  • [DBZ-2062] - DDL statement throws error if compression keyword contains backticks (``)
  • [DBZ-2067] - Error and connector stops when DDL contains algorithm=instant
  • [DBZ-2073] - Debezium Engine advanced record consuming example broken
  • [DBZ-2080] - Unable to parse MySQL ALTER statement with named primary key
  • [DBZ-2082] - Missing schema-serializer dependency for Avro
  • [DBZ-2085] - TinyIntOneToBooleanConverter doesn't seem to work with columns having a default value.


  • [DBZ-1791] - Add ability to insert fields from op field in ExtractNewDocumentState
  • [DBZ-1828] - Remove deprecated features
  • [DBZ-2041] - Test with MySQL 8.0.20
  • [DBZ-2051] - Db2: Replace `initial_schema_only` with `schema_only`
  • [DBZ-2059] - Update debezium-examples/tutorial README docker-compose file is missing
  • [DBZ-2068] - Skip tests that are no longer compatible with Kafka 1.x
  • [DBZ-2070] - DebeziumContainer should allow for custom container images
  • [DBZ-2076] - Remove additional Jackson dependencies as of AK 2.5
  • [DBZ-2078] - Make EventProcessingFailureHandlingIT resilient against timing issues
  • [DBZ-2088] - Tar packages must use posix format
  • [DBZ-2090] - Remove unused sourceInfo variable


  • [DBZ-2031] - Add JDBC driver versions to docs
  • [DBZ-2066] - Add a few more loggings for Cassandra Connector

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