Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.1.2.Final - HTML format


  • [DBZ-1966] - Outbox Quarkus Extension throws NPE in quarkus:dev mode
  • [DBZ-2011] - [Doc] Debezium User Guide should provide example of DB connector yaml and deployment instructions
  • [DBZ-2047] - MySQL alias `FLUSH TABLE` not handled
  • [DBZ-2062] - DDL statement throws error if compression keyword contains backticks (``)
  • [DBZ-2067] - Error and connector stops when DDL contains algorithm=instant
  • [DBZ-2080] - Unable to parse MySQL ALTER statement with named primary key


  • [DBZ-775] - Adding tests and doc updates around column masking and truncating
  • [DBZ-1901] - Align snapshot/streaming semantics in MongoDB documentation
  • [DBZ-1980] - Only top-level menu items shown for MySQL connector 1.1 docs
  • [DBZ-1981] - Upgrade to Apache Kafka 2.5.0 and Confluent Platform 5.5.0
  • [DBZ-1983] - Fix broken link
  • [DBZ-1999] - Avoid broken cross-book references in downstream docs
  • [DBZ-2006] - Fix wrong attribute name in MongoDB connector
  • [DBZ-2051] - Db2: Replace `initial_schema_only` with `schema_only`
  • [DBZ-2076] - Remove additional Jackson dependencies as of AK 2.5
  • [DBZ-2088] - Tar packages must use posix format
  • [DBZ-2119] - Upgrade to Quarkus 1.5.0.Final


  • [DBZ-1312] - Change table.whitelist/table.blacklist format

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