Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.2.0.Beta1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1895] - Implement SKIPPED_OPERATIONS for mysql
  • [DBZ-1904] - User facing schema history topic for SQL Server
  • [DBZ-1913] - Multiline stack traces can be collapsed into a single log event
  • [DBZ-1962] - Introduce column.whitelist for Postgres Connector
  • [DBZ-1969] - Add support for Postgres time, timestamp array columns
  • [DBZ-1970] - Support different converters for key/value in embedded engine
  • [DBZ-1990] - Add support for Postgres Json and Jsonb array columns
  • [DBZ-2000] - Content-based topic routing based on scripting languages


  • [DBZ-1949] - bit varying column has value that is too large to be cast to a long
  • [DBZ-1963] - PostgreSQL Sink connector with outbox event router and Avro uses wrong default io.confluent schema namespace
  • [DBZ-1985] - Stop processing new commitlogs in cdc folder
  • [DBZ-2011] - [Doc] Debezium User Guide should provide example of DB connector yaml and deployment instructions
  • [DBZ-2036] - ExtractNewRecordState SMT spamming logs for heartbeat messages
  • [DBZ-2047] - MySQL alias `FLUSH TABLE` not handled
  • [DBZ-2054] - Embedded engine not compatible with Kafka 1.x


  • [DBZ-1656] - Blog post and demo about Debezium + Camel
  • [DBZ-1750] - Refactor connector config code to share the configuration definition
  • [DBZ-1753] - DB2 connector follow-up refactorings
  • [DBZ-1878] - Oracle JDBC driver available in Maven Central
  • [DBZ-1901] - Align snapshot/streaming semantics in MongoDB documentation
  • [DBZ-1947] - Remove obsolete metrics from downstream docs
  • [DBZ-1953] - Add MySQL 5.5 and 5.6 to test matrix.
  • [DBZ-1975] - Upgrade to Quarkus to 1.4.1 release
  • [DBZ-1979] - Version selector on releases page should show all versions
  • [DBZ-1981] - Upgrade to Apache Kafka 2.5.0 and Confluent Platform 5.5.0
  • [DBZ-1983] - Fix broken link
  • [DBZ-1991] - Update Outbox Quarkus extension yaml
  • [DBZ-1993] - Allow for simplified property references in filter SMT with graal.js
  • [DBZ-1999] - Avoid broken cross-book references in downstream docs
  • [DBZ-2006] - Fix wrong attribute name in MongoDB connector
  • [DBZ-2007] - Upgrade formatter and Impsort plugins
  • [DBZ-2010] - Clarify support for non-primary key tables in PostgreSQL documentation
  • [DBZ-2014] - Outbox: Remove eventType field
  • [DBZ-2027] - Upgrade Postgres driver to 42.2.12
  • [DBZ-2030] - Intermittent test failure on CI
  • [DBZ-2038] - Cleanup Postgres TypeRegistry
  • [DBZ-2039] - Upgrade to latest parent pom and checkstyle
  • [DBZ-2043] - Reduce build output to avoid maximum log length problems on CI
  • [DBZ-2044] - Postgres TypeRegistry makes one query per enum type at startup


  • [DBZ-1886] - Don't try to database history topic if it exists already
  • [DBZ-1923] - Deleted database history should be detected for all connectors
  • [DBZ-1933] - Provide anchors to connector parameters
  • [DBZ-1972] - move static methods TRUNCATE_COLUMN and MASK_COLUMN as attributes to RelationalDatabaseConnectorConfig

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