Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.0.3.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1452] - Add ability to insert fields from op field in ExtractNewRecordState SMT


  • [DBZ-1824] - Debezium skips messages after restart
  • [DBZ-1834] - Unable to listen to binlogs for tables with a period in the table names
  • [DBZ-1849] - Redundant calls to refresh schema when using user defined types in PostgreSQL
  • [DBZ-1850] - postgres oid is too large to cast to integer


  • [DBZ-924] - Test on top of AMQ Streams
  • [DBZ-1664] - Verify correctness of JMX metrics
  • [DBZ-1714] - Test with AMQ Streams 1.4 connector operator
  • [DBZ-1758] - hstore.handling.mode docs seem inaccurate (and map shows null values)
  • [DBZ-1840] - Misleading warning message about uncommitted offsets
  • [DBZ-1845] - Modularize tutorial
  • [DBZ-1851] - Modularize the monitoring doc
  • [DBZ-1858] - Document PostgreSQL connector metrics


  • [DBZ-1772] - ExtractNewRecordState - add.source.fields should strip spaces from comma-separated list of fields

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