Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.1.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1815] - The Postgres connector heartbeat should optionally write back a heartbeat change to the DB


  • [DBZ-1730] - Postgres Connector ignoring confirmed_flush_lsn and skipping ahead to latest txn
  • [DBZ-1755] - Postgresql money error handling
  • [DBZ-1867] - MongoDB tests not working correctly
  • [DBZ-1874] - MongoDB transaction metadata topic generates extra events
  • [DBZ-1876] - NullPointerException on delete in ExtractNewRecordState class
  • [DBZ-1880] - MongoDB connector unrecoverable exception
  • [DBZ-1889] - High log volume from: "Awaiting end of restart backoff period" logs
  • [DBZ-1892] - Kafka records from one Cassandra table get published to the kafka queue of another Cassandra table


  • [DBZ-1793] - Use snapshot versions in master branch documentation
  • [DBZ-1798] - Misc docs issues
  • [DBZ-1804] - Outbox Quarkus Extension: Clarify default column types when using defaults.
  • [DBZ-1817] - Create CI job to run OpenShift test
  • [DBZ-1837] - Failing test jobs for Mongo and SQL Server due to insecure maven registry
  • [DBZ-1857] - Support retriable exceptions with embedded engine
  • [DBZ-1861] - Modularize Debezium logging doc
  • [DBZ-1863] - Centralize closing of coordinator
  • [DBZ-1868] - Assert format of commit messages
  • [DBZ-1869] - Bump MongoDB java driver to the latest version 3.12.2
  • [DBZ-1871] - Add Travis CI task for MongoDB 3.2
  • [DBZ-1875] - Unstable tests for PostgreSQL
  • [DBZ-1879] - Add MongoDB JMX integration tests
  • [DBZ-2050] - Edit topic routing content for inclusion downstream

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