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Feature Request

  • [DBZ-845] - Add app metrics for mongodb connector to jmx
  • [DBZ-1134] - Provide SPI to override schema and value conversion for specific columns
  • [DBZ-1723] - Retry polling on configured exceptions


  • [DBZ-1694] - CDC Event Schema Doesn't Change After 2 Fields Switch Names and Places
  • [DBZ-1773] - TINYINT(1) value range restricted on snapshot.
  • [DBZ-1775] - MySQL source connector fails while parsing new AWS RDS internal event
  • [DBZ-1778] - Connector fails when performing a Hot Schema Update in SQLServer (Data row is smaller than a column index).
  • [DBZ-1800] - Incosistency in MySQL TINYINT mapping definition
  • [DBZ-1824] - Debezium skips messages after restart
  • [DBZ-1825] - Supply of message.key.columns disables primary keys.
  • [DBZ-1833] - MySql connector fails after CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS table_A, given table_A does exist already
  • [DBZ-1834] - Unable to listen to binlogs for tables with a period in the table names
  • [DBZ-1848] - Mongodb field.renames will add renamed field even when source field is missing
  • [DBZ-1849] - Redundant calls to refresh schema when using user defined types in PostgreSQL
  • [DBZ-1850] - postgres oid is too large to cast to integer


  • [DBZ-1664] - Verify correctness of JMX metrics
  • [DBZ-1704] - Document that server name option must not use hyphen in name
  • [DBZ-1726] - Move MongoDB connector to base framework
  • [DBZ-1758] - hstore.handling.mode docs seem inaccurate (and map shows null values)
  • [DBZ-1779] - Document transaction metadata topic name
  • [DBZ-1794] - Remove Microsoft references in Db2 connector comments
  • [DBZ-1795] - Fix link to in debezium-incubator repository
  • [DBZ-1799] - Invalid dependency definition in Quarkus ITs
  • [DBZ-1801] - Document MySQL boolean handling
  • [DBZ-1803] - Jackson dependency shouldn't be optional in Testcontainers module
  • [DBZ-1809] - Change Db2 configuration for faster test execution
  • [DBZ-1826] - MySQL: Rename event.deserialization​.failure.handling.mode to event.processing.failure.handling.mode
  • [DBZ-1840] - Misleading warning message about uncommitted offsets
  • [DBZ-1842] - Missing info on DB2 connector in incubator README file
  • [DBZ-1843] - Only replace log levels if LOG_LEVEL var is set
  • [DBZ-1845] - Modularize tutorial
  • [DBZ-1851] - Modularize the monitoring doc
  • [DBZ-1856] - Remove deprecated methods from SnapshotProgressListener
  • [DBZ-1858] - Document PostgreSQL connector metrics


  • [DBZ-234] - Distinguish between public (API) and internal parts of Debezium
  • [DBZ-1705] - Default `` to earliest
  • [DBZ-1760] - Add option to skip unprocesseable event
  • [DBZ-1772] - ExtractNewRecordState - add.source.fields should strip spaces from comma-separated list of fields
  • [DBZ-1781] - Add support for update events for sharded MongoDB collections
  • [DBZ-1805] - Useless/meaningless parameter in function
  • [DBZ-1820] - Replace BlockEventQueue with Debezium ChangeEventQueue
  • [DBZ-1830] - Option to configure column.propagate.source.type on a per-type basis, not per column-name basis
  • [DBZ-1831] - Support MongoDB Oplog operations as config

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