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  • [DBZ-1684] - Make slot creation in PostgreSQL more resilient
  • [DBZ-1689] - Support boolean as default for INT(1) column in MySQL
  • [DBZ-1691] - SIGNAL statement is not recognized by DDL parser
  • [DBZ-1693] - When using in embedded mode MYSQL connector fails
  • [DBZ-1698] - Connector error after adding a new not null column to table in Postgres
  • [DBZ-1699] - MySQL connector fails to parse trigger DDL
  • [DBZ-1712] - MySQL connector doesn't use default value of connector.port
  • [DBZ-1733] - ANTLR parser cannot parse MariaDB Table DDL with TRANSACTIONAL attribute
  • [DBZ-1738] - Postgres connector does not support proxied connections
  • [DBZ-1740] - GET DIAGNOSTICS statement not parseable
  • [DBZ-1748] - MySql password logged out in debug log level


  • [DBZ-1158] - Add tests for using fallback values with default REPLICA IDENTITY
  • [DBZ-1687] - Migrate all attribute name/value pairs to Antora component descriptors
  • [DBZ-1729] - Remove overlap of different documentation config files
  • [DBZ-1747] - Don't fail upon receiving unkown operation events
  • [DBZ-1761] - Upgrade to Mongo Java Driver version 3.12.1

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