Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.1.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-1509] - Create initial Proposal for DB2 Source Connector
  • [DBZ-1527] - Review Pull Request for DB2 Connector
  • [DBZ-1556] - Test Set up of the DB2 Test Instance
  • [DBZ-1557] - Create Documentation for the DB2 Connector
  • [DBZ-1708] - Verify support of all DB2 types

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1052] - Publish TX boundary markers on a TX metadata topic


  • [DBZ-1698] - Connector error after adding a new not null column to table in Postgres
  • [DBZ-1712] - MySQL connector doesn't use default value of connector.port
  • [DBZ-1725] - Fix broken images in Antora and brush up AsciiDoc
  • [DBZ-1727] - Cannot shutdown PostgreSQL if there is an active Debezium connector
  • [DBZ-1733] - ANTLR parser cannot parse MariaDB Table DDL with TRANSACTIONAL attribute
  • [DBZ-1738] - Postgres connector does not support proxied connections
  • [DBZ-1740] - GET DIAGNOSTICS statement not parseable
  • [DBZ-1741] - Examples use http access to Maven repos which is no longer available
  • [DBZ-1748] - MySql password logged out in debug log level


  • [DBZ-1158] - Add tests for using fallback values with default REPLICA IDENTITY
  • [DBZ-1687] - Migrate all attribute name/value pairs to Antora component descriptors
  • [DBZ-1719] - Upgrade to Awestruct 0.6.0
  • [DBZ-1724] - Run CI tests for delivered non-connector modules (like Quarkus)
  • [DBZ-1729] - Remove overlap of different documentation config files
  • [DBZ-1747] - Don't fail upon receiving unkown operation events
  • [DBZ-1751] - Provide a method to identify an envelope schema
  • [DBZ-1761] - Upgrade to Mongo Java Driver version 3.12.1


  • [DBZ-695] - Create a plug-in for DB2 streaming
  • [DBZ-1715] - Add topic routing by field option for New Record State Extraction
  • [DBZ-1717] - Generate date(time) field types in the Kafka Connect data structure
  • [DBZ-1763] - Replace connectorName with kafkaTopicPrefix in kafka key/value schema

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