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Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1292] - Support exporting change events in "CloudEvents" format
  • [DBZ-1478] - Build Quarkus extension facilitating implementations of the outbox pattern
  • [DBZ-1685] - Support column masking option for Postgres


  • [DBZ-1684] - Make slot creation in PostgreSQL more resilient
  • [DBZ-1688] - SQLserver type time(4)...time(7) lost nanoseconds
  • [DBZ-1689] - Support boolean as default for INT(1) column in MySQL
  • [DBZ-1691] - SIGNAL statement is not recognized by DDL parser
  • [DBZ-1693] - When using in embedded mode MYSQL connector fails
  • [DBZ-1699] - MySQL connector fails to parse trigger DDL
  • [DBZ-1707] - Outbox event router should ensure record timestamp is always millis-since-epoch
  • [DBZ-1728] - (STRUCT) type doesn't have a mapping to the SQL database column type


  • [DBZ-1600] - Remove "slot.drop_on_stop" option
  • [DBZ-1673] - Update outbox routing example
  • [DBZ-1703] - Add option to JSON change event SerDe for ignoring unknown properties
  • [DBZ-1713] - Update debezium/awestruct image to use Antora 2.3 alpha 2


  • [DBZ-1168] - MongoDB authentication against non-admin authsource
  • [DBZ-1552] - Oracle: Add support for different representations of "NUMBER" Data Type
  • [DBZ-1690] - Update Mongo Java driver to version 3.12.0

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