Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.0.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1642] - Support streaming changes from SQL Server "AlwaysOn" replica


  • [DBZ-1643] - Interpret Sql Server timestamp timezone correctly
  • [DBZ-1650] - Sorting a HashSet only to put it back into a HashSet
  • [DBZ-1659] - Function with RETURN only statement cannot be parsed
  • [DBZ-1680] - Enum value resolution not working while streaming with wal2json or pgoutput


  • [DBZ-824] - Globally ensure in tests that records can be serialized
  • [DBZ-1658] - Allow upstream teststuite to run with productised dependencies
  • [DBZ-1660] - Upgrade to latest PostgreSQL driver 42.2.9
  • [DBZ-1666] - Generate warning for connectors with automatically dropped slots
  • [DBZ-1667] - Regression test for MySQL dates in snapshot being off by one
  • [DBZ-1670] - Rename Serdes to DebeziumSerdes
  • [DBZ-1676] - Build against Apache Kafka 2.4
  • [DBZ-1677] - When PostgreSQL schema refresh fails, allow error to include root cause


  • [DBZ-1671] - MySQL Connector should use ""

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