Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.0.0.Beta3 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-1555] - Allow per-connector setting for schema/catalog precedence in TableId use

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1604] - Provide pass-through converter for propagating Avro payloads unchanged
  • [DBZ-1607] - Envelope methods should accept Instant instead of long for "ts" parameter


  • [DBZ-1519] - Debezium Erroneously Reporting No Tables to Capture
  • [DBZ-1569] - Debezium Oracle connector attempting to analyze tables
  • [DBZ-1570] - Null values in "before" are populated with "__debezium_unavailable_value"
  • [DBZ-1576] - Postgresql 11+ pgoutput plugin error with truncate
  • [DBZ-1579] - Regression of postgres Connector times out in schema discovery for DBs with many tables
  • [DBZ-1588] - The ts_ms value is not correct during the snapshot processing
  • [DBZ-1590] - LogInterceptor is not thread-safe
  • [DBZ-1592] - Heartbeats are not generated for non-whitelisted tables
  • [DBZ-1593] - Config `tombstones.on.delete` is missing from SQL Server Connector configDef
  • [DBZ-1596] - AWS RDS Performance Insights screwed a little by non-closed statement in "SELECT COUNT(1) FROM pg_publication"
  • [DBZ-1610] - Update Postgres documentation to use ts_ms instead of ts_usec
  • [DBZ-1613] - Exception while trying snapshot schema of non-whitelisted table


  • [DBZ-1392] - Auto-format source code upon build
  • [DBZ-1543] - Update documentation based on Technology Preview
  • [DBZ-1549] - Reduce size of Postgres container images
  • [DBZ-1559] - Debezium should not use SHARE UPDATE EXCLUSIVE MODE locks
  • [DBZ-1578] - Allows tags to be passed to CI jobs
  • [DBZ-1595] - Rename drop_on_stop to drop.on.stop
  • [DBZ-1597] - Upgrade MongoDB driver to 3.11
  • [DBZ-1603] - Run formatter validation in Travis CI
  • [DBZ-1605] - Place formatting rules into Maven module
  • [DBZ-1612] - Upgrade to Kafka 2.3.1


  • [DBZ-1408] - Standardize source info for Cassandra connector
  • [DBZ-1518] - Clarify presence of old values when not using REPLICA IDENTITY FULL
  • [DBZ-1583] - Propagate replicator exception so failure reason is available from Connect

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