Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1336] - Support Postgres LTREE columns


  • [DBZ-1428] - Aborting snapshot due to error when last running 'UNLOCK TABLES': Only REPEATABLE READ isolation level is supported for START TRANSACTION WITH CONSISTENT SNAPSHOT in RocksDB Storage Engine.
  • [DBZ-1534] - MySQL Connector fails to parse DDL containing the keyword VISIBLE for index definitions
  • [DBZ-1535] - MySQL connector fails to parse DDL - GRANT SESSION_VARIABLES_ADMIN...
  • [DBZ-1560] - Mysql connector: The primary key cannot reference a non-existant column 'id' in table '***'
  • [DBZ-1563] - Incorrect source struct's collection field when dot is present in collection name
  • [DBZ-1564] - Transaction left open after db snapshot


  • [DBZ-1542] - Add Postgres 12 to testing matrix
  • [DBZ-1548] - Update Katacoda learning experience


  • [DBZ-1522] - Update tooling image to use latest kafkacat
  • [DBZ-1525] - Validate configured replication slot names
  • [DBZ-1554] - Make password field to be hidden for MS SQL connector
  • [DBZ-1565] - Raise a warning about growing backlog

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