Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.10.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-317] - Re-organize documentation by release
  • [DBZ-1406] - Replace YAML Dependency with Property File in Cassandra Connector
  • [DBZ-1419] - Support Connect date/time precision
  • [DBZ-1440] - Exported snapshots are supported by PostgreSQL 9.4+
  • [DBZ-1459] - Enhance Postgresql & Mysql Docker example images with some Spatial geometry

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1484] - Add configuration parameter to disable a tombstone event that has a null value, for each delete event.


  • [DBZ-949] - Date conversion broken if date more than 3000 year
  • [DBZ-1205] - Overflowed Timestamp in Postgres Connection
  • [DBZ-1255] - Debezium does not expect a year larger than 9999
  • [DBZ-1437] - ExportedSnapshotter and InitialOnlySnapshotter should not always execute a snapshot.
  • [DBZ-1448] - Source Fields Not Present on Delete Rewrite
  • [DBZ-1457] - NPE raises when a new connector has nothing to commit
  • [DBZ-1464] - MongoDB connector throws NPE on "op=n"


  • [DBZ-1390] - Upgrade ProtoBuf dependency
  • [DBZ-1431] - Engine does not stop on Exception
  • [DBZ-1458] - Create "architecture" and "feature" pages

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