Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.10.0.Beta3 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-766] - Explore built-in logical decoding added in Postgres 10
  • [DBZ-916] - Handle tables without primary keys
  • [DBZ-1120] - Define exposed connector metrics in MySQL
  • [DBZ-1320] - Support deletion events in the outbox routing SMT
  • [DBZ-1338] - Set heartbeat interval for the binlog reader
  • [DBZ-1356] - Expose metric for progress of DB history recovery
  • [DBZ-1388] - Outbox router should skip heartbeat messages by default

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1222] - Introduce number ofEventsInError metric
  • [DBZ-1238] - Add option to skip table locks when snapshotting


  • [DBZ-599] - Incorrect offset may be committed despite unparseable DDL statements
  • [DBZ-794] - SavePoints are getting stored in history topic
  • [DBZ-1180] - delete message "op:d" on tables with unique combination of 2 primary keys = (composite keys) , the d records are not sent
  • [DBZ-1198] - When a MongoDB collection haven't had activity for a period of time an initial sync is triggered
  • [DBZ-1361] - Restore compatibility with Kafka 1.x
  • [DBZ-1376] - no viable alternative at input 'LOCK DEFAULT'
  • [DBZ-1379] - PostgreSQL Connector generates false alarm for empty password
  • [DBZ-1380] - NullPointer Exception on getReplicationSlotInfo for Postgres
  • [DBZ-1397] - CHARSET is not supported for CAST function
  • [DBZ-1400] - Debezium does not get the first change after creating the replication slot in PostgreSQL
  • [DBZ-1409] - Built-in database filter throws NPE
  • [DBZ-1410] - Error processing RDS heartbeats
  • [DBZ-1418] - db, schema and table field are not available in value payload


  • [DBZ-1284] - Developer Preview Documentation
  • [DBZ-1358] - Upgrade to Apache Kafka 2.3
  • [DBZ-1362] - Stabilize test executions on CI
  • [DBZ-1363] - Improve heart beat emission for Postgres
  • [DBZ-1365] - Handling tombstone emission option consistently
  • [DBZ-1366] - Avoid creating unnecessary type metadata instances; only init once per column.
  • [DBZ-1371] - Fix tests to run more reliably on Amazon RDS

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