Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.10.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-1340] - Protect against invalid configuration
  • [DBZ-1346] - Fix description for state of Snapshot
  • [DBZ-1352] - Remove unused code for alternative topic selection strategy


  • [DBZ-708] - Events for TRUNCATE TABLE not being emitted
  • [DBZ-1065] - Connector consumes huge amount of memory
  • [DBZ-1270] - Exception when starting the connector on Kafka Broker
  • [DBZ-1278] - Raise warning when renaming table causes it to be captured or not captured any longer
  • [DBZ-1329] - no viable alternative at input 'ALTER TABLE `documents` RENAME INDEX'
  • [DBZ-1331] - MySQL DDL parser - issue with triggers and NEW
  • [DBZ-1332] - MySQL DDL parser - issue with COLLATE in functions
  • [DBZ-1335] - Setting "include.unknown.datatypes" to true works for streaming but not during snapshot
  • [DBZ-1345] - PostgreSQL db with materialized view failing during snapshot
  • [DBZ-1347] - Switch RecordsStreamProducer to use non-blocking stream call
  • [DBZ-1348] - Can't parse create definition on the mysql connector
  • [DBZ-1349] - String literal should support utf8mb3 charset
  • [DBZ-1350] - NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER sql mode is not supported in MySQL 8
  • [DBZ-1353] - Incorrect assert for invalid timestamp check in MySQL 8


  • [DBZ-799] - Add to FAQ what to do on offset flush timeout
  • [DBZ-1333] - Update MongoDb drive to 3.10.1
  • [DBZ-1337] - Support HSTORE array types
  • [DBZ-1342] - Fixe test for partitioned table snapshot
  • [DBZ-1351] - Enable PostGIS for Alpine 9.6


  • [DBZ-835] - Make emission of tombstone events configurable

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