Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.10.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-871] - "source" block for MySQL schema change events should contain db and table names
  • [DBZ-1092] - Replace Predicate<Column> with ColumnNameFilter
  • [DBZ-1279] - Adhere to Dockerfile good practices


  • [DBZ-1283] - Only validate history topic name for affected connectors
  • [DBZ-1300] - DDL that contains `user` are unparsable by antlr


  • [DBZ-1295] - Change snapshot source field into three state
  • [DBZ-1298] - Upgrade ZooKeeper to 3.4.14
  • [DBZ-1301] - Upgrade Docker tooling image
  • [DBZ-1302] - Upgrade Debezium Postgres Example image to 11
  • [DBZ-1303] - Create profile to build assemblies without drivers
  • [DBZ-1304] - Modify release pipeline to use new Dockerfiles
  • [DBZ-1306] - Add 3rd party licences
  • [DBZ-1310] - Remove unused methods from ReplicationStream

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