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Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1189] - Add support for columns of type INET


  • [DBZ-1143] - Incorrect value for datetime field for '0001-01-01 00:00:00'
  • [DBZ-1144] - PosgreSQL DecoderBufs crash when working with geometries in "public" schema
  • [DBZ-1163] - [postgres] differing logic between snapsnot and streams for create record
  • [DBZ-1191] - Error while deserializing binlog event
  • [DBZ-1194] - MySQL connector throw an exception when captured invalid datetime
  • [DBZ-1203] - Error when alter Enum column with CHARACTER SET
  • [DBZ-1204] - Mysql: Getting ERROR `Failed due to error: connect.errors.ConnectException: For input string: "false"`
  • [DBZ-1207] - MySQL connection timeout after bootstrapping a new table
  • [DBZ-1212] - SLF4J usage issues
  • [DBZ-1218] - JDBC Connection Not Closed in MySQL Connector Snapshot Reader
  • [DBZ-1220] - Support FLOAT(p) column definition style


  • [DBZ-362] - Add WhitespaceAfter check to Checkstyle


  • [DBZ-1206] - Add MySQL Connector metric to expose "number of filtered events"
  • [DBZ-1208] - Support TLS 1.2 for MySQL
  • [DBZ-1219] - Document RDS Postgres wal_level behavior
  • [DBZ-1221] - Create new MysqlConnector metric exposing if the connector is tracking offsets using GTIDs or not.

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