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Feature Request

  • [DBZ-867] - Add snapshotting mode NEVER for MongoDB connector
  • [DBZ-1130] - Allow passing of arbitrary parameters when replication slot is started


  • [DBZ-1077] - Integer default value for DECIMAL column fails with Avro Converter
  • [DBZ-1108] - connect binds only to hostname interface
  • [DBZ-1132] - Connector fails to connect to binlog on connectors rebalance, throws ServerException
  • [DBZ-1137] - Fail to parse MySQL TIME with values bigger than 23:59:59.999999
  • [DBZ-1138] - Test dependencies shouldn't be part of the SQL Server connector archive
  • [DBZ-1141] - Emit correctly-typed fallback values for replica identity DEFAULT
  • [DBZ-1146] - Unexpected exception while streaming changes from row with unchanged toast
  • [DBZ-1147] - SQL syntax error near '"gtid_purged"'
  • [DBZ-1149] - Postgres delete operations throwing DataException
  • [DBZ-1150] - Antlr parser fails on column names that are keywords
  • [DBZ-1153] - SqlServerConnector doesn't work with table names with "special characters"


  • [DBZ-1136] - Describe topic-level settings to ensure event consumption when log compaction is enabled
  • [DBZ-1140] - Upgrade binlog client to 0.19.0
  • [DBZ-1148] - Upgrade kafkacat to 1.4.0-RC1
  • [DBZ-1156] - Upgrade Avro connector version to 5.1.2
  • [DBZ-1157] - Upgrade to Kafka 2.1.1

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