Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.10.0.Alpha1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-263] - Clean up integration tests under integration-tests
  • [DBZ-844] - Excessive warnings in log about column missing charset
  • [DBZ-1175] - "source" block for MongoDB change events should contain collection names
  • [DBZ-1273] - Update JDBC (and Mongo) drivers to latest versions
  • [DBZ-1290] - Misleading description for column.mask.with.length.chars parameter

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-875] - Add database, schema and table names to "source" section of records for Oracle and SQL Server
  • [DBZ-1224] - Support snapshot SELECT overrides for SQL Server connector
  • [DBZ-1281] - Generate warning in logs if change table list is empty


  • [DBZ-1228] - MySQL connection with client authentication does not work
  • [DBZ-1244] - Unhandled exception prevents snapshot.mode : when_needed functioning
  • [DBZ-1246] - MySQL connector stops working with a NullPointerException error
  • [DBZ-1264] - CREATE INDEX can fail for non-monitored tables after connector restart
  • [DBZ-1272] - Create a spec file for RPM for postgres protobuf plugin
  • [DBZ-1276] - Last transaction events get duplicated on EmbeddedEngine MySQL connector restart


  • [DBZ-596] - Align field names in source info block across connectors
  • [DBZ-677] - Find better name for unwrap SMT
  • [DBZ-683] - SnapshotReader should honor
  • [DBZ-733] - Consolidate DDL parser tests
  • [DBZ-736] - Remove legacy DDL parser
  • [DBZ-985] - Document "database.ssl.mode" option
  • [DBZ-1127] - Synchronize MySQL grammar with upstream grammar
  • [DBZ-1139] - Add FAQ entry about -XX:+UseStringDeduplication JVM flag
  • [DBZ-1164] - Test and handle time 24:00:00 supported by PostgreSQL
  • [DBZ-1209] - Make NumberOfEventsSkipped metric specific to MySQL
  • [DBZ-1234] - Remove deprecated features and configuration options
  • [DBZ-1235] - Define final record format for MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server and MongoDB
  • [DBZ-1257] - Improve error reporting in case of misaligned schema and data
  • [DBZ-1259] - Adding missing contributors to COPYRIGHT.txt
  • [DBZ-1282] - Automate contributor check during release pipeline.
  • [DBZ-1289] - Make option names of outbox routing SMT more consistent

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